Not the type to have an affair…

Apparently I’m not…

There is a man on Twitter who I have met, easy you lot it’s platonic, yes he is lovely and I value his friendship. He said to me that I’m not the type to have an affair…  Now you know about Sex and the Needy Woman  on respecting my parners wishes etc…  and due to circumstances in real life I’ve had cause to give having an affair (which to date I’d like to point out I have not) a great deal of thought and apart from not considering at all that the women who feel the need or inclination are a type, I think I actually could do it, with the right man for the right reasons and circumstances…

How can you say to someone they are not a type to have an affair? How do you know that for sure? Do I have prude or supremely loyal printed through me like a stick of rock? I have a friend of mine, religious? Yes. upright citizen? Yes. Has Children, spends a lot of time in the community and she had an affair! You would never in a million years have thought it!

Yet me.. Little know smut writer with a raunchy tumblr that grown men tell me makes them gasp, is not the type…

And the really bizarre thing about this whole situation? I have NO IDEA why I’m so bothered about this!!!



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  1. Hello,

    I have just come across your blog, it looks an interesting read!


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