Today and Tomorrow

Christmas has nothing on this.  This tight little knot of extreme excitement I feel, it’s blocking my throat making it constricted, I’m gasping at life, sucking it in nervously.  My stomach is churning, yesterday I barely ate anything, today hunger eludes me completely. I’m standing at the cliffs edge looking down but all I can see fluffy white clouds, I’ve no idea what lies beneath them and that in itself is breathtaking. Yes, I’m worried there are rocks below and I’m going to end up hurt, there could be nothing at all and I will just keep falling forever, air rushing past me endlessly, or perhaps if fate is playing a charmed hand, I will find the place I should be in the world.

I have no idea how this is going to play out…

Tomorrow is a new challenge, very exciting, thrilling even and I can’t tell you about it, not even here in my quiet little incognito corner on a blog nobody reads. Not because I’m not able to share, I could… But I won’t. This feeling belongs to me, I intend to share it with someone special but not today and, to be honest I’m too busy hugging myself and quietly whispering “Squeeeeee” with delight to enlighten you any further.

I’m sure if I succeed it will come out in the words I choose, as will any failure, where things like this are concerned only time will tell.


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  1. I want to know more….. 🙂

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