….and so my head explodes!

When you take a step out of your life into another world, things happen.  You don’t always know the far-reaching implications of these things but it makes you think. Or rather, it makes me think and my brain explodes.

Today was blissful, fun and endearing. I went on a trip to the city with a friend who I’m extremely fond of and do not see enough of, we had a lovely day and then I had to say goodbye, which honestly hurt like fuck. I don’t know when we will manage to see each other again, if at all.  Once he had gone and I’d finished reliving through our time together I found myself thinking quietly about ‘stuff’ real life stuff, home stuff, internet stuff – namely this blog.

I only started this blog at the end of last week, I needed somewhere to publish my story What She Wanted, that was the motivator, but I also wanted a place to vent the thoughts that puzzle me about life. It’s this aspect of Moonbeam that I was dwelling on today, thinking about what I have blogged so far and the things waiting to be worked out as they whizz and banged in my head today and I realised it’s not fair on the reader to let them assume this is a factual blog.  Moonbeam is me, of course she is but she’s a larger than life me who thinks on a far more unhindered, confident and filthy level that I could carry off…  Me with my many responsibilities and my restricted movement. Moonbeam would take off at the drop of a hat on an adventure, I rarely go anywhere on my own, it’s a fact of life that I’m used to living with and have to for a few more years yet. My choice, I love it but I also need to kick off and live it up sometimes, which I do in my head…

That probably sounds weird…

What it comes down to is Moonbeam is a characterisation and I can’t guarantee anything you read is totally factual, mostly it will be after all, they are the thoughts in my head but I guess I’m using this as a disclaimer, if you can live with that, read on I hope it will be filthy, irreverent and open-minded. If not, well… that is what the x at the top right hand corner is for isn’t it.  The reason I am telling you is I’m essentially an honest person and would hate to mislead anyone.



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