I need it now! *waits*

This is my morning so far…

Wakes up, checks phone for DM’s, sends one, collapses, 10 minutes pass , stirs, get’s lap top, opens Twitter and Tumblr, chats a bit, gets pissed off with the lack of sexy porn on my tumblr feed, makes a cup of coffee, stops WW3 occurring, chats a bit more….  Wonders why I’m feeling so fucking horny… Can’t work, distracted.

I could of course read a massive load of erotic fiction until I get to a point of explosion, I have noticed that yesterdays #wankwednesday entries were particularly fine… I ‘should’ try and write, I still have  10o,800 words to edit which now has a deadline. I should be writing a very important email I need to send today… but honestly, what I need is a feral fuck.

Not just any feral fuck, I, for once unusually need to be taken in hand, over powered, mastered, held firm. Roughly manhandled onto the bed, hands digging into my thighs. Face down, arse up, a pressured hand on my back, fingers exploring my cunt,  pushing, expanding me, more fingers moving fast with frenetic energy.  Then thumbs pulling me apart as his tongue dives hungrily inside me, teeth biting at my lips, tongue mercilessly flicking on my clit. A brief reprieve before his hard cock slams into me, balls bouncing off my thighs… I want to be tearing at the sheets with my teeth as his cock thrusts so deep it hurts, it’s a divine type of pain, I want my brain to get lost and switch off to everything except the sensation of the pounding I’m receiving. I want to feel him slip his finger in my ass so it moves in time with his rhythm, I want to reach back and claw at my clit, my fingertips feeling his cock pulse in and out, listening to his breathing getting faster, his thrusts getting harder. I need to grip that cock so hard that when I convulse with orgasm he feels it so tightly, he screams as he cums and I need that Now



– – ~ * ~ – –

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  1. You post just gave me the horn!

    I’d love to do everything you said to a certain someone i think of daily!



  2. eroticmoonbeam

    That’s kind of the point 😉 Sorry about the frustration bit though 😦
    Did you read the story What she wanted… You would like that.

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