Behind the mask

The world is blurring, I guess it was inevitable.  I started writing here because I fancied letting my brain run it’s thoughts of filth and idiosyncrasy onto a blog page and in the last 11 days I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me to be able to let loose like that. My writing style although not unique by far is recognisable I think, which I can only lead to more people figuring out it’s me and on top of that I’m technically incompetent tweeting to the wrong account and all sorts!

It could have been so much worse…

So here we are only 11 days into this bloggy adventure and already there are a couple of people who now know who is writing this diatribe and I’ve found I don’t mind so much, will it affect what I write? I don’t know, probably not. Time will tell…..

Because I mean honestly, who the hell am I? I’m not some blousey super model screwing married footballers or a high-class hooker whispering cabinet secrets across the crisp white sheets…  Nah… apart from to a few special people I’m nobody at all…

So with that being so, it’s about time I found some other subjects to have a good old ramble about…. suggestions welcome 😉

Source: Unknown

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  1. ha ha whoops…. 🙂

    I hope it doesn’t change your writing!

    I may not know who you are by name but what I do know is your not a nobody, your pretty special 😉

    f#@*knows x

  2. You should be able to go into your control panel and disable that stuff. Go into your dashboard and scroll down to “settings.” Click and then go to “sharing” which is under “text messaging.”

    I don’t have any of those enabled (and I don’t Twitter), but if you have them added to each post, either you can tweet (FB, dig etc etc) etc or someone else can.

    But you should be able to either have it linked or not. Smart media can really be a pain….

  3. Meh. One of the primary reasons I haven’t started another blog no one knows about…. 😉 I’m sure I’d get confused at some point and spill the beans, lol.

    I hope you don’t change your style, either. 🙂

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