Drastic is a little of an exaggeration but I’m prone to that eh!

Yesterday I found myself without internet… *gasp*!!

So what did I do to entertain myself and the other half as the rain poured down outside?

I shall tell you.

Naked Wii.

I’m not allowed to play the sword fighting on Wii Resort with children present because I get very er.. agitated and my language deteriorates rapidly but I do so love a good cut and thrust. I especially love the bit where you get to run along and slice up a load of opponents, although the daft buggers take it in turns to attack you…  They need a talk about strategic action which would include the words “get the bitch!”

So I tend to do lots of enthusiastic jumping around whilst swearing. Remove the scaffolding and I’m prone to black eyes. I kid you not. The other half crossed the room and made himself comfy because I’m right handed as he couldn’t ‘watch’ from his usual chair. There is something liberating about bouncing around naked, swearing the air blue chopping up people with a sword and when it was his turn I had a fabulous time watching it swing…

….and inevitably one type of cut and thrust sword play leads another.

A most entertaining evening I must say, although, honestly internet, please don’t leave me for so long again!

– – ~ * ~ – –

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  1. Nudity might be a major liability in a sword fight, especially for a male, but virtual nude sword fights sounds like something that would be much more fun to watch than a Pirates of the Caribbean movie! :o)

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