Where does one get a Mid-Life Crisis?

After consideration I have decided I don’t want to get much older than my age again, which means (hopefully) I’m facing my mid-life right now. I’ve written a bucket list on my infinitely more sensible and restrained family blog, which are mostly still pending but they are fairly tame desires. I need to revisit the concept here and let my mind go mad a little

So how does one get a mid-life crisis because there are somethings I’d like to do…

  • I’d like to tour Europe in a sports car and fuck in all the countries I’ve not been laid in and fuck in all the ones I have too…
  • Max out my credit card at Agent Provocateur, it’s empty at the moment…
  • I want to walk through the streets of Germany eating pretzels and carrying a torch at the Octoberfest, drink beer from a stein and flirt with loads of men.
  • Ski naked
  • Hide behind a waterfall and give someone a blowjob
  • I want to learn burlesque and shake my tail feathers at someone until he literally explodes
  • I’d like to sit on the left bank an eat oysters, sipping champagne, people watching.
  • Simmer slowly in a geothermal pool in Iceland basking in the sunshine of the middle of the night,
  • I’d like to get smashed on cocktails at Mardi Gras and wake up clueless weighed down by beads
  • I’d like to meet a handsome stranger in a dark room and give myself over to him totally – no wait, make that two handsome strangers.
  • My Fuck me Friday #cream – yeah that…
  • I’d like to be suspended from the ceiling in a sex swing and played with until I beg for him to stop
  • I’d like to ‘buy a date with…’ at a charity auction, I’d also like to be sold at the same type of function.
  • I’d love to come home and find the house immaculate, washing and ironing done, dinner cooking, a bath run and my glass vibe chilling in the freezer. Opps – I think that one just slipped in there…
Tip of the iceberg 😉
Now your turn, old or not tell me your mid-life crisis fantasies!

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  1. All of the sound complete realistic to me apart from this one….. “I’d love to come home and find the house immaculate, washing and ironing done, dinner cooking, a bath run and my glass vibe chilling in the freezer. Opps – I think that one just slipped in there…” Now that is NEVER going to happen….LOL


  2. If you ski naked, take photos!

  3. Being only in my mid 20’s, I have not given much thought to my mid-life crisis… I think I may be in the midst of some form of it however.

    I am freshly divorced. But moving along swiftly…

    …I want to be the “tall, dark, handsome stranger.”
    …I want to pleasure an olive skinned beauty, wrapped in sheer cloth in Vienna.
    …I want to have angry sex, after seducing a tattooed succubus of a woman in Amsterdam.
    …I want crowds, halls filled with people, eating from the palm of my hand.
    …I want to live without being geographically tethered to any one place.
    …I want to wear clothes more expensive than most people pay for rent.

    Ok… I think I’m done. 😉

  4. Oh yes. Far from done. I merely meant, “done for now.”

    Thank you for your comments. I am enjoying your blog. I’m glad I found it. Perhaps this insomnia I’ve been wrestling with is starting to pay off.

    • eroticmoonbeam

      Ah.. Insomnia, a fellow sufferer, I get so wired sometimes the creativity goes into hyperdrive, my smutty best at those times.

      • Ah! I’m on my second week!
        I will sometimes get some shut eye in the afternoon for a few hours… but lately I have just been blazing alllllll day. Not tired, not in the least.

        But I know exactly what you mean about creativity. I feel it as well. I often write short snippets and scenes that play out in my mind. Nothing erotic… well… nothing yet. Just the various flights of fancy.

        I’m just getting the hang of the blog world… and since I’ve begun, I’ve been enjoying my sudden nocturnal proclivity much more!

  5. dalidebarthez

    I’ve only entered my twenties five and a half months ago, but there are some things that I want to do..

    – Learn burlesque
    – Seduce a man to a little weeping pile
    – Sex on James Bond Island in Phuket
    – Play a part in a James Bond movie (it doesn’t need to be the lead girl. Honestly, I’d be a bloody perfect Moneypenny)
    – Hot, heavy sex with two guys
    – Serene, lovely sex with a girl

    and the one I’ll probably never get but want so much

    – Seduce the pants off Jason Statham and fuck him senseless

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