Do I Deserve Absolution for my Sin?!

I’m feeling a little guilty so I thought I’d try and confess my sin (rhetorically and with a splash of sarcasm if you please), it seems a popular thing to do at the moment and I know you will forgive me. (Although I expect to have to jump through a few hoops and say some dirty words of absolution…)

Firstly, I’d like to say in my defense it’s the holiday here. I am a woman who clings to her head space like a junky clings to their dealer.  Without my weekly pockets of quiet I can not be me, I can not be productive, I can not write… You get the picture right? This has been a tough week. The smalls are at home and so is the OH.

So what is the problem? I miss wanking…. I MISS WANKING!!!! 

There, I got it off my chest and last night I just got off, on my own, very quickly but immensely pleasurably because I just needed a solitary bit of self loving.

Because it’s NOT THE SAME as having sex and NOT THE SAME as being wanked (although I do so love a good finger fuck – another post perhaps) and that is what was required last night for my sanity.  But I still feel guilty because the OH is a horny sod and he would have been jumping up and down to ‘help out’ if it was just an orgasm I required…

Shucks *hangs head in shame*

Feel free to dish out some punishment so I can atone for my sin 😉

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  1. No punishment required….unless you really, really want it that is……

    We all needs those moments to regroup, just because you did it with your fingers in your panties, doesnt mean it was wrong…..naughty maybe, but naughty is a good thing in my book.


    • eroticmoonbeam

      I do love naughty, he has told me off for wanking at night before now but only because I didn’t wake him up 😉

  2. There is nothing wrong with masturbating. Sometimes a quick release is so much easier than everything that goes into sex. And as long as you didn’t deny your husband and then turn around to masturbate, then I don’t see how he could be upset either. Next time you can have him join in.

    • eroticmoonbeam

      I know there is nothing wrong with wanking and he doesn’t get denied very often, we do wank together on occasions, this wasn’t one of them by choice- my choice

  3. you make me smile 🙂

  4. Sin is just another word for selfishness, and it would have only been truly selfish if you hadn’t told us about it. By doing that you’ve shared the pleasure around by placing in our minds a very pleasant image. :o)

    Anyway wanking is good for your health. A wank a day keeps the doctor away. (Especially if he catches you doing it in his waiting room.) :oP

  5. dalidebarthez

    Sin is good 🙂

    Don’t feel bad about wanking solo. It’s just something you need once in a while.


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