Vajazzle Me!

The Holiday is booked, the passports are up to date, my bikini wax is Monday week… So I was wondering if I should get a Vajazzle?

Vajazzle is the most often used keyword for someone finding my blog 😀 No seriously it is!!!!  Perhaps I should be an ambassador for the vajazzle? Presenting myself as a *sex goddess instead of the horny, exotic, slightly bohemian, mischievious minx I **might actually be…

It seems like a good idea!

I’ve been surfing the internet ( all discounts welcome guys 😉 ) and I’m considering the following designs. Please tell me what you think – honestly – If this is a bad idea it might be wise to let me know too because I do have a tendency to go a bit daft when I get an idea in my head…




or C.

I’m asking YOU to choose! and if at least 10 people do post a comment with their choice I will post a picture of the winning vajazzle in place 😉 (That’s 10 unique commentors not the same person 10 times)

I’ve got to order this and get it here so you have until Wednesday… Go! 

* This might be an exaggeration

** This is not 😉

~ * ~

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  1. dalidebarthez

    The second one. Definitely

  2. What’s wrong with a prit stick and some sequins?

  3. Dragonfly!

    and I might do a DIY one with sequins and superglue…

  4. I like the dragonfly myself. If you email your chosen supplier I’m sure you will receive a good discount.!! X

  5. Hi
    When you order your chosen design, we will send you the other two designs free of charge as a thank you for your blog!! Have you seen the Gemtoo video on our website? Perhaps you would like to consider taking one of these on holiday too??!!
    many thanks

  6. It has to be A…the star burst and I have to ask, by why the hell would anyone put a fish there? LOL


  7. nakedinhighheels

    I vote A

  8. I like A, the shooting star best of all! 🙂

  9. I’m voting B… ‘cos it looks like its smiling 🙂

  10. I am voting for the fish! I hope the fish wins, he is my guy! x

  11. The Dragonfly, no doubt. I have never heard of these things, how fun. And they’re right the gem tattoos are awesome. Enjoy your holiday!

  12. It’s got to be A, shooting star, falling through moonbeams…

    I promised I’d vote 😉 WFH xxx

  13. i wana see stars… vote A for me

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