Vajazzle me! Update

The dawn chorus woke me at 4.10am and for once my first though was “I wonder what happened about the Vajazzling!” So I got up to see.

10 votes exactly have been cast. 1 Fish, 3 Dragonfly and 7 Stars

This means the other half is going to have to get handy with his camera next week (surprisingly he was giggling like an idiot at my antics last night! The idea of me being sprawled in front of him naked with his camera appealed, naughty man!)

But Look!

I said I’d give this until Wednesday, so keep voting for your favourite design and the one with the most votes wins, and if you visit Vajazzled UK have a look at the GemToo’s the lovely lady there thinks I might like them as well! (She’s right I do!)


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  1. go dragonfly!

    although I do have a soft spot for the fish for some reason.

  2. Must be the Star for a star 😉 looking forward to seeing the finished item 😀

  3. Any room for write in votes?
    Heart? Or some kind of virility symbol?

    • Eroticmoonbeam

      The hearts were quite lovely… A virility symbol? No WAY! I’ve done my procreating, 2 is enough for me 😀

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