T.M.I Tuesday : Geography and other Hotness…

1.  How many states have you had sex in? How many countries? Yes, Oral counts! All sex acts– penetrative or not– are sex.

1 State – Colorado, that is quite sad isn’t it…

So for countries I can add USA to

Canada – just British Columbia

England – erm 25 counties 😉

Wales – 4 counties

Scotland – 5 counties

France – 3 regions

Italy – just Venice but oh boy… gotta love Venice!

Spain –  not mainland sadly but the Mallorca, I intend to do this again next week

Portugal – 1 region

New Zealand – both islands

2. What do you think is the sexiest piece of clothing a man/women wears on a daily basis? e.g., bra, jeans, sundress, dress shirt, etc.

Daily basis? Hmmm rules out a tux doesn’t it… A sharp suit is a real turn on especially of he’s commando underneath 😉

3. Would you date yourself? Why or why not?

No, I’m a self confessed cock girl and last time I looked in the mirror I didn’t have one 😉

4. Which muscle do you work the hardest: brain, heart, mouth?

My brain, I think too much and over think, it gets too much work to be honest. My heart is worked by the brain although my brain seems a little less controlling and a little more reckless where it’s concerned, my mouth is the least used of the three, I do try hard to think before opening it. No matter what comes out or goes in 😉

5. Fill-in the blank: I’m a total priss when it comes to _____ .

Personal hygiene, I love the smell of a warm sweaty body but it needs to be clean sweat.. You know what I mean.

Bonus: Describe your darkest fantasy.

Dark… it’s always dark isn’t it? I don’t do DARK, I do light, laughter, sensation, desire…  Dark implies something nasty.

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  1. commando under a suit… *melt* fuck YES! 😀

  2. 1. Wow you get around! How wonderful. Mallorca seems like it would be so romantic.

    3. *giggle*

    5. I know exactly what you mean. I am so with you on this.


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