To Thong or not to Thong this is the question..

I have a question for you, as I’m away for the weekend I expect some well thought out long answers – In my dreams!

If you found yourself running your hands up your ladies thighs under her skirt, or delving below the waist band of your fellas trousers, what do you like to find?

Are sexy undies always the answer of the day or is it good to find nothing at all?

I spend a lot of time commando, not true sorry.. I spend a lot of time naked, in fact I’m naked as I write this (it’s 5.43am, I’m in bed, go figure.) and when I do put clothes on I often just throw something loose over my head and don’t worry about the netherware, I know, I’m so rock and roll!  Actually it’s mainly due to laziness and a desire not to feel all bound up, clothes make me feel restricted.

Sometimes I put on sexy knickers to please, I appreciate they have their place in the scheme of things but wonder what is best? And if you think finding underwear is best, what do you like to find? Is skimpy the order of the day? A thong always or something with more fabric?

Do Tell!

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  1. I never get to grope bums. 😦

    I don’t usually like the look of thongs, they can make bums look a funny shape?? Other styles of underwear can make a behind look more round and shapely, or none at all.

    • Eroticmoonbeam

      Morning M’dear, you are right about the shape, thongs can make a pert arse look all wrong, I’m a fan of tightly fitting jockey shorts on a fella, nicely accentuating muscle tone…
      May you grope bum REALLY Soon xx

  2. I do like the look of a thong on a fine arse but i also agree that they sometimes they dont do an arse justice. The picture above is incredibly taste; i could eat that for days!

    However I have a thing for girls wearing what i would describe as kind of tight boxers, the ones where the bottom of the arse hands out, yum yum!

    I could go on for days on end but i’ll not, but i’ll end by saying I pretty much appreciate all and no underwear 😉

  3. I hate thongs on men, it is just not an attractive look, well fitted briefs or shorts are defo the best……now lets talk about womans bottoms….mmwwaahhh.

    I love the female bottom and thongs are very sexy on the right shape and I love wearing them too but I also love the boy shorts look too and have lots of those in my cupboard as well. I am a bit of an undies collector. I love sexy undies, the way they look and feel and they way they make me feel. I never used to be without them but Sir is rather partial to no undies for me and I discovered a new found love of going commando because of that.


    • Eroticmoonbeam

      I love commando, if it’s not the feeling of the breeze against my pussy it’s naughtily knowing I’ve no pants on 😉

  4. ha ha,
    Aye, yer a bonnie lass yee ken!

  5. Mmmm…ass and knickers deserved a much greater response from me:

    WFH xxx

  6. hmm difficult one… whilst out shopping an stuff an jus doing the guy thing an having a lil perv.. i like nothing more than to see the odd “whale Tail” poking out the top of a pair of jeans lol…

    but when playing around with a woman and “running your hands up your ladies thighs under her skirt” i would like to feel summit nice an lacy or frilly… or even better… nothing at all… 😉

  7. I don’t mind either way, thongs can make an ass look real sexy and those who go commando are just down right naughty……

  8. nakedinhighheels

    A man who goes commando is very sexy, it also feels pretty good when i do it – rarely. French knickers and thongs for me

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