On My Best Behaviour……

I spend such a lot of time being smutty, thinking naughty thoughts, writing (eloquently I hope) about sex that it’s getting to a point where I’m finding interacting with people in a ‘normal’ clean decent fashion is becoming an issue.

Case in point – yesterday. Walking past Ann Summers in the city I noticed they have their sale on. I stated my interest, my sister (we are on the same page about most things) nodded with interest, her friend exclaimed “My God you are actually considering that!” I looked at her in surprise “Of course I am, I do love a bargain! I’ve got Ann Summers undies on today!” Her face was a picture. My sister did point out her friend was “Religious” and not always comfortable with subjects I find natural to talk about.

During the rest of the day I tried really hard to be on my best behaviour, it was the least I could do for my sister, I talked about my holiday, my kids, I would have attempted to join in the conversation about trash TV except I never watch it and so (as usual) have no idea who some B’list presenter was & I really couldn’t give a monkeys arse who got the sack on some convoluted excuse for entertainment…

I even held back when my tweet regarding having a Costa in Bath wouldn’t go through due to the shit signal in the dear old city and she commented under her breath that I should “Get a life” (Isn’t it funny how these people who claim to have a life always know who every celebrity is what they are doing with their career and life and watch what must amount to hours and hours of telly – living their ‘life’ vicariously? I prefer my social network of twitter pals #justsaying)

Don’t think I didn’t get my own back…. I bit my tongue very successfully but I wasn’t going to miss out on the Ann Summers sale! I had a grin like a slice of watermelon when the lady in question ventured to the back of the shop to try on undies and I proceeded to have a loud conversation with my sister about the merits of the different vibrators *sniggers* I even regaled them with the mint lube story.

Thinking forward, I have a fair few social engagements coming up where I’m going to have to be ‘super vanilla’ a wedding and a girls night and I do wonder why my social life when it occurs is so boringly main stream…

I honestly don’t think it’s me that’s the issue here, I’m just super cool and love talking smut 😉

Everyone else is uptight *sniggers*

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  1. I hear you. I went to a party at Master Cuthbert’s and for three hours myself and CT were involved in a conversation with a guy who worked for an online adult toy manufacturer… really… umm… “exotic” ones.

    Then I come home to somewhat stodgy roommates when it comes to talking about sex. They wonder what I do at night… I like my secret life.

  2. Ahh the joys of ‘playing’ with the vanilla, I am very guilty of this, but sometimes they really seem to be asking for it, but on other occassions I have ended up having conversations with people who end up saying, wow, that was so cool talking to someone who just says it like it is and doesnt get all uncomfortable talking about this stuff.


  3. All my friends are perverts. It’s mostly grand.

    Apart from that they find my virginity amusing and like to try and shock me.

    • Eroticmoonbeam

      Because the fact you are a virgin is directly linked to the face you are shockable? Right? Right…. *rolls eyes* didn’t think so…

  4. Funny how my religious sister, also lives vicariously through way too many “reality” tv shows. Thank God I have a couple live people.to share my naughty thought with, of course the blogs & twitter connections are fun as well now 😉

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