TMI Tuesday – Regrets? Never Dwell…

Regret is a state of mind that I don’t usually allow myself to dwell on, shit happens, it’s make me who I am, I get up and brush the dust off and get on with the hand I have been given…

… but since you asked.


1. What was the last thing you regret buying?

I’m struggling with this, cash is pretty tight around here and thanks to really needing a holiday the credit card is bulging over too… I don’t really have anything I regret buying, I don’t shop a lot as I don’t enjoy it!

2. What was the last sex toy you regret buying?

My anal beads are something and nothing, I’m so glad I bought the butt plug at the same time…

3. Briefly describe a time that you had sex, and you should not have. Why did you do it?

I once had sex with someone I shouldn’t have, our relationship changed and was never the same again. Why did I do it? because it could have been the best ever – it wasn’t.

4. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?


5. A good friend’s significant other flirts with you; would you tell your good friend?

Lord no! It would be my fault anyway I’m terrible for flirting, I bet I started it!!

6. What is your greatest professional regret?

That I’ve ever had to work at all to be honest, I’ve never found a job I enjoyed… I’d love to be passionate about work, have a calling in life, that would be a gift indeed.

BonusWhat is your biggest regret?

Regrets, I’ve had a few….

I regret how I’ve had to struggle at times, to keep a roof over my head or even have enough to eat.

I regret any time I may have caused another person pain, people lash out these days with little thought for others or taking responsibility for their actions, I try not to do this and fail, often.

I regret not charging at life full on, I have a tendency to be cautious and I’m not a risk taker.

I regret that I often put up a mask and hide, usually with humour and a smile, it’s easier to do this then let people know you are hurting but sometimes there is nothing better then letting someone special hold you.

But as I’ve said, if you dwell on them they eat you.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


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  1. I loved being 26 too. I agree don’t dwell on the past

  2. Great and personal answers, thanks for sharing tmi x

    I played


  3. I’ve never regretted buying any sex toys. I liked 22 my body was effortless and I ate everything edible … Now at 40 something potato chips are edible but they’re deadly.

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