Endings Sprial From New Beginnings

The last 6 months have been rather monumental for me, after a particularly hard end to last year where I was struggling to find my voice blogging, whilst trying to balance home life with a novel gushing out of my head, January’s discovery of the ‘Dark Side’ of twitter swept me up in a whirl pool and I haven’t looked back!

I only wanted somewhere to vent, honestly! I remember swearing at twitter one pressure filled day and being chastised by several (male) followers for my base language, it shocked me a bit! This was me, on my twitter, saying what I wanted to say! But they didn’t see me like that, the gentle,calm mother of two who posts pictures of her cottage garden and two delightful pretty children (they are both! says mother) should not be swearing and ranting at twitter. #fact  A friend suggested I opened a second account and so I did.

I followed a few people who made me laugh and some tweeps I wouldn’t dare follow from the mummy side, jumped in feet first and kind of just flew…  It opened up a world of filth and mirth that I just fell into naturally, my sense of humour has never been what you might call ‘clean’.

It’s been a journey of discovery, one that if I had not taken it there would be no EM.  Locked accounts apparently mean mischief and I will hold my hands up to creating some of my own in the time I had it and I would still be struggling to find my voice, I also would have had a lot less laughter and release in my life.

Why am I telling you this? Because today I deleted that locked account, 3 active Twitter accounts were just too much to deal with and my flight deck that is Tweetdeck just couldn’t keep up.  The friends I made on my locked account are all following EM on Twitter, yes my timeline *might become muckier and I *might swear a little more often. I appologise politely in advance in the way that you do when you don’t really mean it because essentially that is me and I *might need to do it…  The Mummy account will be seeing much more of that too to be honest and they will just have to get on with it, I Am Me in all my shades of grey.

*might… might! I would be upset if it didn’t!!

One question I have still remains – So Nine, do I still hold back?

So there you are, the end of an era and yes, I did shed a few tears. I’m going to miss the Old Bird. R.I.P.

I’d love to hear about your mucky twitter journey 😉

~ * ~

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  1. I have separate accounts too many work clients follow the real me. I like to keep my private life and thoughts private. Well only for you and others who don’t know me.

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