Orgasm Envy!

I’m not a jealous person. Sometimes I wish I were because as a writer I often feel it would be handy to feel such a strong emotion, from a descriptive point of view. No, I’m pretty laid back, I get twinges of envy like everyone does, when someone says “I’m going to lock myself in the garden room at the bottom of our six acre landscaped garden and quietly write, I have an Italian espresso machine in there…” I mean – who wouldn’t! But jealousy no, not really. I think to myself, I expect they earned it or I convince myself quiet thoroughly usually that what I have in my cramped corner of Blighty is actually all I need to be happy.

Until someone starts knocking on about their orgasms… You know the ones.

“We fucked for 3 hours and I had 8 orgasms!!” Eight… twinges of envy start arising and the conversation in my head starts getting louder…

“She had eight orgasms! He must be good, what was he doing to her? She must cum easily lucky cow, I bet it was awesome, perhaps they are not very big ones, perhaps they just chip away at her horniness, I wonder if she feels sated at all? Hmmmmm.”  and so my surprised expression turns to one of doubt and then a frown as I convince myself not to be jealous.  I guess it’s a survival thing.

The thing with orgasms is we just can’t experience each others to know if we are missing something or not! I mean Mrs.Eightinthreehours might not have as much pleasure as I do with my intensely built up, mentally and physically incapacitating, overwhelmingly, body wrackingly, often multiple, huge ones… The most I’ve ever experienced in 3 hours is two of those and I thought I might sleep for a week! I don’t sound very convinced do I? So I suppose I have to follow the route of ‘you are better off not knowing’ and just enjoy them as often as I can.

And then again I get days like yesterday and today when my brain tells me I’m hot to trot and even after four screamers the edge of my horniness is still cutting like a carving knife, my body responds to every touch but because it’s still quaking from the last orgasm all of 3 minutes ago I can’t go there…  Then I must admit I’m jealous of Mrs.EightinThreehours because I’m feral and insatiable and and and it’s just not bloody fair!!


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  1. Remember it’s quality not quantity honey & I would say your normal & she’s probably full of shit! As a ” nearly coping addict” I would suggest in strongest terms, the more you get, the more you want ; one of life’s truisms 😉

  2. Love this – you could have taken the words out of my mouth – have often wondered the exact same thing. ( I was once told; bloody hell, all of yours are THAT big, aren’t they? Er, yes? I guess I don’t really have another woman to compare it to?!)
    Everyone’s different. Doesn’t stop you wondering though, does it…

  3. I worry about my orgasms too lol
    I guess so long as we are having pleasure then we should just be happy.

  4. I suspect there are only a certain number of orgasms a person can genuinely have and still manage to spend nearly all their time online talking about orgasms, cos there are only so many hours in the day. Although I’m not sure what that number is.

  5. I have to admit I’m the “cum easily” type of gal. But mine are quick and hard to sustain. I can get a pretty intense one after a few early blasts – but they are rare even with as intimate and satisfying as the sex I’m having is. I believe if I could hold off for a bit longer that it might build to a deeper desire.

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