Chilling the Moonbeam Way

It’s too hot for me.

I love snow.

I like to be able to cool down and I’d rather throw on a jumper in winter then not be able to shed the heat of the summer. Winter does not stop me preferring to be naked, I’d be better off living in the Alps to be honest.

So when it’s hot and sticky my family has alternative methods of chilling.

Lovely deep water at the bottom of the garden, cool!


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  1. Such a very sexy pair of legs…..which are defintely NOT cooling me down


  2. I’ve just come out the pool and I’m roasting, fancy a skinny dip? 😉

  3. I know that feeling!!! We just got back from the gardens where we had koi’s nibbling our toes!!!!

    • Eroticmoonbeam

      The OH allows them to nibble his legs and toes, not me, no way! Eewwww – I hate my feet being touched.

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