My Blog Your Launch Pad?

Everybody is doing sex toy reviews… the write ups and tweets are Everywhere! *Looks at my inbox* I should be so lucky.  It has started me thinking, is that all there is?  Okay, so a selection of Anal toys to experiment with and maybe a sex swing  would be a riot to write about but even as a novice writer of slightly smutty stories there is so much more to me and I hope this blog, then just sex toys! (Is there such a thing as ‘just sex toys’? *Smirks*)

So…  what would be a blast to review?

1) ‘Romantic’ short breaks: Last time I reviewed a hotel I was using it on my own 😦 I’d love to drag the OH off for a sleazy weekend and tell everyone how fab it was!

2) Spa Breaks: So far, I have a shortlist of 3 female bloggers who would love to go and partake in an escape at a spa, I mean, we may write erotica but we are all women, Loads of women read my inane witterings, please tap my market by indulging me to a weekend break?

3) Lingerie or sexy stylish clothing: If you send it I will wear it, promise! I may even post a photo of me in it if you are that desperate! I do love corsets… and I have always wanted to experience a personal shopper or a make over…

4) Wine!!!! I mean seriously dear Wine companies! Sexy people drink wine! As an ex wine rep I’m perfectly placed to spit in a bucket but as we all know, all the best ladies swallow.

5) Sexy Shoes: Now this would be a challenge for a company! I have terrible feet for sexy shoes, high instep, wide feet.

6) Beauty products: Yes.. yes… I need all the help I can get!!

7) Coffee: Because I’m an addict #nuffsaid

8) Theatre!: Got a sexy show? I will travel and pay my own expenses, there is not enough Theatre in my life, I love it.

9) Limo companies: What fun! I’d love to zip around the city pretending to be someone 🙂 Chill some champers and I may even swoon.

10) Red Letter Days: My husband would go crazy after driving a F1 car or a 4×4, feeding tigers etc There are so many and they are all so sexy!!!

So, there you are and that is just off the top of my head, an audience is an audience after all? Is there more to life then sexy toys? (probably not…)


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  1. Haha love this post. Yes definitely a call for this. In the olden days it was a mystery shopper but I reckon you could sexy it up.

  2. Well, you might get some free lingerie! But I’m not sure of our chances of getting a free spa break, especially as I may have used the words “I want to lose my virginity in a hot tub” a few too many times…

  3. I’m in the show “Love, Sex and the I.R.S.” You should come out and see me!!! It opens September 9th!

  4. …and then we can go to the local wine bar! 😉

  5. All I have to say is…. cheeky!!!

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