TMI Tueday – Random is the word…

Sometimes I’m so random. And THIS is one of those times…

1. When you go to a party, would you rather show up accidentally underdressed or overdressed?

If people notice what you are wearing, it’s probably wrong… I don’t like to stand out in a crowd, I like to sit back and observe, it’s more interesting.

2. What is something you have won and how did you win it? (Inspired by theAn Optimistic Virgin)

I won some tickets to a show from another bloggers site.

3. Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle, end, or top?

Bottom, always (OCD) anything else is UNACCEPTABLE!! 

4. What is something your parents used to say to you that you promised yourself you would never say–but now you catch yourself saying frequently?

Himself has commented a few times recently about the music on the radio being “noise not music” *rolls eyes*.  I spend all day saying things in triplicate, I’m sure like every mother in the world!

5. What 3 lies did you regularly tell your parents? If applicable, what 3 lies do you tell your parents now?

I’m far to old to lie to my parents, I’ve been ‘left home’ longer then I lived there and when I did I always found lying just got me into more trouble as I have a terrible brain for continuity… 

6. What is something that you intended to do today but didn’t? Why not? Will you do it tomorrow?

I did intend to re-visit having a huge orgasm in the passenger seat of the car whilst Himself is driving (and helping) – it’s okay it’s a manual 😉 I didn’t because the small people didn’t fall asleep and No, I won’t be doing that tomorrow…

7. What is something that people do in traffic that really bothers you? (inspired by My Quest To Be A Good Girl)

Turn their music up, FFS, if everyone wanted to listen to their crap taste they would be a famous DJ #rantover

8. Whose autographs have you collected? (You can stop at five, in case you’re an autograph hound or celebrity stalker).

I once had Jonny Morris’s I saw him at the Bristol Hippodrome and I was also sent Corey Hart’s from Canada, he never really made it here but I was a big fan.

Bonus: Where do you go to find solitude, tranquility or connection to a higher power?

My local woods, I’m not a tree hugger (often) but I love the smell of the pine and earthyness, I can wander around up there for hours and usually end up feeling very refreshed.

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment on the TMI Tuesday Blog post for today, so we’ll all know where to read your responses.


Happy TMI Tuesday!


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  1. 2. What show?

    3. Let’s see what that says about you…

    6. Delicious! You simply must re-visit. You don’t want to be known as a quitter, do you? *giggle*


    Nice. And I am a tree hugger.

    Have a great rest of the week!


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