So here we are, September *Does back flip* I’m having an odd poignant moment with the things occuring in my life that I have little control over or wonder if I’m on the right track with. One of these being this tiny little insignificant corner of the internet called EroticMoonbeam…

I started this little project in May, May 6th to be exact so I’m approaching just 4 months of wittering on endlessly about sex and stuff, I haven’t written any erotica all summer and I have missed it but with everything going on here there has been no silence to muse. I have been pondering the future of this blog though.

People are reading it… fuck knows why… but they are, I guess sex sells. Not that you get much actual sex to be honest, usually just me and my banal outpourings of a slightly crude nature…  I’m not really much of a sex blogger… I hate pictures of me so you are never going to get much of that and frankly I don’t care if this venusian does look like Venus in your eyes, it’s my blog and I don’t want to look at it. So, wanton pictures which are so wonderful for the old stats are a no no…  I’m (sadly) not promiscuous, so tales of adventure and illicit meetings with handsome tall men in secluded parts of the local forest, rampantly fucking on picnic blankets are far and few between…  sucks eh! and I’m reasonably confident in my sexual nature, with a few experiments thrown in so as not to freak Mr. Beam out too much, there is not much here in a voyage of discovery….

So, why continue blogging? Just to rant? Just to muse?

I have considered going self hosting and if I do that what should I make my space be? Would it not be sensible to just stick to the erotic writing like so many brilliant writers and leave the sex blogging to the younger “New discoveries” types or the “Sexually explicit live vicariously through their writing.” types?

I’m honestly struggling to see where I fit in to this melee.  “Reasonably happily married writer with a hunk of a husband who she should be very grateful for, interested in pushing her sexual boundaries but straight, with no pain involved and no, he doesn’t want to go swinging.” I mean… I’m yawning…

So what is the point?

After somebody recently almost implied that older erotic writers must be sex starved bored housewives getting off on their imagination I have found a reluctance in me to continue… It irks me that this is how people might see me. I have thought of changing the name of the blog to “Yes, I might be a MILF and I’d probably love it if you did but I’m getting my fairly high sexual urges satisfied at home – just.” But it wouldn’t fit across the screen.  So I have considered changing the voice here. Posting fiction only, because reality is a tad boring, sex is just messy and housewives don’t want sex… Right?

I don’t know…

*Continues to ponder*

I think I might miss taking the piss out of myself…


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  1. It’s a tough call.

    I’m not much of a sex blogger either, frankly. I’m on a journey of self-discovery after the sex dried up on the home front. But I’ve had those around me say I’m just experiencing a mid-life crisis *shrugs*

    In the end, I write for me, to process and make sense of the journey I’m on. It’d be great to have company. But I can’t hang my hat (nor heart) on others flocking to hear my every word.

    Write for you. Write what makes you happy. If you end up writing fiction with little spurts of rant in there, cool! Just do it for you, and if it no longer makes sense to you to do it, stop and listen.

    • Yea for a midlife crisis! I still want to get one of those 😉 You talk a lot of sense Kazi I always blog for me, what I want to rant about, I guess my concern might be that I find it a little frustrating not being able to blog about things I would like to do… Perhaps it would be easier to let the fiction take over and let the bloggers voice die…

  2. I see no problem with older non-promiscuous people writing sexy stuff, I do it myself. I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for almost forty years and like it that way.
    I enjoy reading and writing erotic material. I also enjoy watching porn (some porn. Some of it’s just disgusting.) but when I crawl between the sheets I want a woman who knows how to play me, and i don’t want any concerns about STDs. That knowledge and trust only comes with a long-term monogamous relationship.
    I hope you do keep blogging, I like your style. I’m bookmarking this site.

  3. I’ve had similar thoughts about my blog and I’ve taken the advice that it is my space to do as I wish. Don’t force anything just see what happens x

  4. As has been said above, it’s your blog and it can be whatever you want it to be. Personally I think the fact that you don’t fit into any of the ‘standard’ categories also makes it much more interesting reading.
    It’s not a “me too” blog, rather it’s a “just me”.

    Faile x

  5. But you have a niche and everything!

    I’m going to lose my unique selling point at sometime…

  6. I for one hope you keep writing here. You have a unique style that is very entertaining, but in the end you must do what makes you happy. I will look forward to the result…

  7. Oh no don’t do it…. the thing is, it is the fact you are not all those sexy blogger types your just described that makes this blog so damn good. You have intelligent voice and interesting and often playful take on the word around you, complied with your fiction pieces this is a blog well worth reading and one I hope I you really continue to enjoy writing.


  8. Please don’t stop, I like your writing. Do it for you, just follow your heart. I have no idea where my blog is going, but I’m doing it for me.

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