TMI Tuesday – Naked? Moi?


1. What do you wear to sleep in?

#Sleepnaked always, I’d rather put another blanket on the bed then clothes on

2. Do you ever walk around your own place naked?

Like… Yeah! All the time!! Mr.Beam is always telling me to close the blinds to, but it doesn’t bother me.

3. Have you or would you ever answer the door naked?

Almost… but no. I don’t want to be responsible for causing someone to have a coronary.

4. What part of your body do you like to be on show? Why?

My eyes, my shoulders and cleavage. If I’m wearing my glasses chaps talk to the cleavage, if I’m in contacts I get eye contact… go figure.

5. When sunbathing how much do you bare?

As much as is legally permissable in the location.

6. Have you or would you bare all on a naturist (nude) beach?

I have but I was 11, does that count and certainly I would!

7. Have you ever flashed your bits in public? If not would you if it turned your partner on?

Mr.Beam is rather fond of a public tit flash…

8. Have you ever given a striptease or has anyone given you one? Did you enjoy it?

I did once, I felt really self concious, I am not a natural performer.

9. Ever gone skinny dipping? Alone or with others?

Yes. Mr.Beam and I had a marvelous frolic in a pool in Mallorca a few years ago and of course there was that nudist beach when I was 11.

10. Do you like to look at naked people or do you want show off your nakedness?

I’m laughing… Have you seen my Tumblr?

I find I don’t pay much attention to ‘normal’ naked people when on beaches or such but if a tall, broad shouldered man appears he certainly gets checked out… I really do have a ‘type’.  I’m absolutely not into ‘showing off’ my nakedness, I’m happy to #nakedtweet, it’s a laugh, I have no desire to see pictures of me naked here or draw attention to my body elsewhere.

Bonus:  Sexually speaking, what’s the furthest you would go with a partner in public? Have you had sex in public?

Never having been in a situation where I could have sex in public I’m not sure… For all that I could happily spend 95% of my life naked until faced with the opportunity I am not sure about public sex.

A few years ago now, whilst staying at a boyfriends brothers flat with a large group of people all crashing on the floor, we snuck back early to have sex and they all came back while we were doing so… He got crashing droop though so nobody actually noticed…

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


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