TMI Tuesday: The mists of time…


Okay… So here is a fact. I haven’t dated since 1997 & then you can only loosely call it dating as Mr.Beam and I met in 1995 and spent 2 years as pals before getting drunk and carried away to Marillion’s Misplaced Childhood one balmy summer evening… We sort of missed the Dating bit and went straight ahead to the living in sin bit before doing the married bit… Ho hum… What I’m trying to say is I’m a bit dated myself… Did you see what I did there? 

1. You’re on a speed date. You’ve got 7 minutes with the potential partner. You already know the person’s name. What are the first three questions you would ask?

Are you allergic to cats?

Do you Ski?

What am I doing here again? 

2. Have you ever participated in speed dating? Did you get a regular date/second date out of it?


3. Do you participate in online dating? How many dates have you had as a result of online dating sites/matches?

Nope…. I’m not sure online dating even happened pre 1997!! I must admit to being curious about the whole online dating thing though, I mean, I’d love to enter my details and see what happened…  

4. You are attracted to:
a. Who people are?  Tall and broad and male… Yep, defiantly male! I’m a sucker for an over 6fter

b. What people have? A cheeky smile and mischievous eyes, a strong jaw helps for some reason… and dimples *shrugs* I’m hopeless! 

c. What they can do? Make me laugh – ESSENTIAL!!!

5. What “little red flag” will cause you to end a date or immediately decide this person isn’t for you?

I always have had a finely tuned instinct about people, which I trust… 

6. What do you feel you need to sacrifice or have sacrificed to be a part of a relationship?

Oh hell… Freedom. If you have ever been in a long term relationship and have tried to explain to your partner that, actually, I’d really like to go away on my own for a weekend with no friends, no reason, just to spend time on your own, you will know what I mean…. 

7. If you cooked for your date, what would you cook?

Why do people go out and eat on dates, I mean, food is messy, talking is impossible, people make judgements about what you eat, how much, how little and if you leave food… and then after all that you will probably be too full to activly participate in great sex.

Rule no. one Fuck then eat, then fuck again…. 

And I’m a shit cook, I burn stuff… Take away? 

8. At the end of a first date, how would you kiss your date?
a. Press your lips against theirs
b. Gentle kiss on the cheek
c. Lots o’ tongue, like you’re on a tonsil exploration
d. I don’t kiss on the first date

Honestly, it depends on the date hotness…

Bonus:  You just put up a profile on a dating site. You must describe yourself in 10 words or less. What are your 10 words?

Intriguing, interesting, sexy, intelligent, bohemian, mischievous, sarcastic, cheeky, scintillating, delusional.

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment on the TMI Tuesday Blog post for today, so we’ll all know where to read your responses.


Happy TMI Tuesday!


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  1. Great, honest answers! “Make me laugh – ESSENTIAL!!!” YES!! 🙂

  2. With you on number 7. I have OCD; I eat weird. To be honest, I probably deserve judging.

    • I have a cutlery OCD if it doesn’t match I can’t use it… a bit like the one for my bedding, can’t sleep if the sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases don’t co-ordinate.

  3. Damn I understand #6 just because I am a single parent. LOL
    Great bonus answers, I think the description fits you

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