Spank Me?

Goodness Gracious Me *fansself*… Did you see the story Writes For Her posted today? I’m quaking! It’s raw sex… I want to be that woman!! Please Mr.WFH #want…

Now, I don’t do pain.

How many time have you seen me write that, I could go through this site and count them, I’ll admit to being anal but not in that way! Feel free to trawl though and count yourselves should you wish. The fact remains that I don’t do pain. Not real pain. So you could be forgiven for being confused by my sexual obsession.

Spanking; it’s an art form to perform to perfection.

I know why I want it…it’s the loss of control, the slight submissiveness, the resonance of the spank on your ass, the resistance of will, a play fight. The sound of a hand against your flesh, the apprehension, waiting for the hand to fall.  The blessed intrusion of the fingers into your pussy, the sound of wetness, knowing that this is really what you want, actually it’s more than just a want, it’s a need…

*sigh* I have no idea why I need this so much…

…. oh yeah apart from being a finger fucking addict!

I’m not into any other area of BDSM, like I said the pain thing… also the tying up thing I struggle with. I implicitly trust my partner but the last time he tied me up to the bed post and did wonderful things to me he kept asking permission; kind of takes the edge off it a bit. I did threaten him with repercussions (like burying his face in the pillow and sucking his balls whilst fingering his ass… not much of an incentive to get it right is it 😉 ) I don’t think he gets it either, he’s a gentle soul who hates to hurt me and no matter how often I tell him “It really doesn’t hurt!” my yelps of surprise seem to suggest otherwise.

I recently er stumbled, yes, that is it, stumbled, on the most fabulous tumblr, I do stumble upon marvelous tumblrs fairly often (reminds self to do a post on my most beloved tumblr blogs) only this time rather than the usual reblogging affair it’s a personal journal of a couple and their love of spanking.  I was so thrilled reading their blog, my brain was popping with the way they express their love of a good spank, what it means to them. Being tumblr it’s interactive too so there are a lot of questioned asked and clearly answered.  If you like spanking or just want to get to grips with the basics you need to go back through Little Miss Spankypants blog and read from the beginning. I did drop them a line and ask if I could show one of their clips here, I guess they are ‘busy’ lucky so and so’s… You can find them on Tumblr anyway and I urge you to do so.

Back to my dear friend Writes For Her. I know we have discussed your Her many many times, She may not always appreciate what she has in you, but I can tell you this. She’s a bloody lucky woman to have caught your attention even if you can’t have each other.  I’m going to be coming back to this story over and over and over again….



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  1. *blushes* Thank you

    WFH xxx

  2. Oh my goodness.

  3. Very well done!

  4. Oooh, I’ve been meaning to do a post on spanking as well, given my recent discovery that I like spanking myself on the cunt…

    I’m not really into the BDSM world as well, but I bloody love the idea of a spanking. Doing it myself has been a sort of release of tension for me, and spanking yourself can be quite a turn-on.

    (Ps, I’m eagerly awaiting your list of good Tumblrs, seeing as I’m always looking for a good one!)


  5. Mmmmm…

    I’m so in line for a spanking. Waiting for a day it can be delivered by other than my own hand to be truly enjoyed.


  6. Ooooh! OMG can’t tell you how much I loved this. Totally! lol. Made for creamilicious self-love and naughty re-enactments. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing, not being a pain slut myself but exploring my kinky side, I was surprised at not being averse to spanking. Always learning, reading, trying 😉

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