On A Mission…

Yesterday after my Abyss blog post a fellow blogger and I had a DM chat, bless her (much appreciated my dear!). I’ve always thought I’ve been pretty thorough in my exploration of the available sexy kinky stuff but after this discussion I began to wonder, have I? Honestly?

So today I have decided to start a new mission, an investigation from A-Z, I’m not going to look at everything because there are kinks out there that leave me ice cold and that would be counter productive but I’m as open minded as you will find a sex blogger and I’m willing to consider a LOT!

I know I’m restricted by the fact I only have one partner, Mr Beam is a darn fine husband and perhaps that is a restriction in itself, but I shall plow on because just now I have no idea where to go next and he knows me well enough to indulge in the journey if not always the experimentation.

Of course most of this will just be a mental exercise, a lot of what turns me on only happens in my head, I’ve found in the past that I can read something and be really hot for it, only to find the experience lacking in some way. The same happens with porn, somethings are great to watch but turn out to be dull to have done. I know it works the other way too as watching someone have their nipples pulled and squeezed always makes me feel sick, having it done to me is a different matter!

Now the disclaimer… *rolls eyes* these thoughts will be my own, if I miss the point of a kink please feel free to let me know, after all I’m no expert! If I miss a kink and you feel I should consider it yell, lets make this a bit interactive, I’m open to guest posts too, explain to me why certain kinks are the best, my email address is on the About EM.x page.

Well I guess that just leaves me to scuttle off and start googling Kinks beginning with A – onward!!


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  1. Hah! Wonderful! I shall be lurking with great interest… 😉 And bravo Mr Beam. 🙂

  2. An interesting idea. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and hearing how you enjoy it all.

  3. Hmm… the whole alphabet!! Yummy 🙂

  4. Wonderful way to explore it! May follow that idea or something similar as I was going to try & answer 30 days of kink questions on my blog & appear to be stuck

    • Erotic Moonbeam

      Fill Your Boots!

      (just in case that little gem of West Country Witticism gets lost in translation, that means Yes, please do!)

  5. Hah… now if I had read this before I commented on todays post I would have got my answer. Guest post eh….. how about a swap at some point. You could guest post about one of your letters on my blog and vice versa?


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