This Kink Thing….


I guess you guys like the idea of a Exploration of Kink huh?

It did worry me a little that looking down my list of fetishes (crazy world I live in isn’t it, a list of fetishes *rolls eyes*) that there are quite a few *coughs* that I’m not going to cover even after you take out the illegal, non consentual and just plain ‘leaves a nasty taste’ ones..

So here is the plan. I’m going to continue on in my own sweet way, as I do best and I will try to work my way through the alphabet as I intended musing on whatever my brain gets amused/horny about and I’d like you out there in the blogging world to do the same if you so desire. I’m going to drop a little linky thingy in the bottom of my posts (great idea thanks to Molly) and you can link up your Exploration of Kink to mine.

It doesn’t have to be A-Z it can just be what you are thinking/writing about this week. I would like you to add a link in your post back to mine if you linky and please keep it legal and consensual but otherwise ‘Fill Your Boots!’

Those of you that don’t have a blog can always join in too! Send me your piece on kink and I will guest post it (as long as it fits in the guide lines).

With that said, I guess I’d better get writing my next bit so you can linky in eh? Where was I? Still on A…




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  1. Wow, that was fast work, I’m impressed.

    If you want to post the ongoing list of people linking in on each post you write you just post the SAME linked in code to the same list in each and every post. In that way the list will just keep growing and will appear at the end of each of your posts about this subject.

    Cool idea Mrs Beam! I shall add it onto my massive, must write about, list!


    • I hope your list remains as long as Sir’s list of exotic places to take photo’s of you in, please tell him it’s about time we saw some more exotic locations… Like *ponders* Venice… love Venice 😉

  2. Looking through mobile still not sure how the tech part works. But exploring with you 😉 Honestly can’t imagine getting to the end of that list I found. So long!

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