Chocolate Fetish Frustration!

I’ve always fancied that I’m pretty mean at Tumblr… Tell me what you want to look at and I will have a pretty good go at finding something that hit’s the spot, I love surfing through archives picking out pictures that appeal to me, which is probably why my Tumblr addiction has got so bad – I need to cut back and I will – soon #addict!

Yesterday I decided to have a theme day on The Darker Side of a Lady, why will become apparent to those of you following, it’s just a bit of fun. I found quite a few of the pictures I wanted in my stream and then I wanted a picture of a beautiful man covered in melted chocolate. Not hard you would think but I have spent hours trawling through Tumblr, Google and Flickr and I’m coming up dead.

I asked Tumblr to help and instantly 2 people suggested this

Which I had actually already found myself and dismissed, he’s 1) a bit seedy and 2) not enough nakedness (but thanks for trying guys xx ), Another Tumblr I follow said she had one in her archives so I dutifully trawled her archives and found this

Now we are getting there! On closer inspection, this photo is really poor quality, it’s grainy. I’d like it crisper, perhaps a little more lower? *sniggers* and black and white would be awesome!

So taking on board the slogan, you would think that out there is a picture of a hot guy with chocolate ooozing all over his wonderful chest and err whatever, in focus, preferably in black and white, tempting me to lick that chocolate off his body….

If there is I’m buggered if I can find it…

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  1. OK, the first photo is a bit scary.. he has Mad Axe Murderer eyes.. or is it just me?? Maybe you need to er.. make your own pictures.. *titters* πŸ™‚

  2. I read this and mediately thought…

    …what chocolate is all about. πŸ™‚

  3. I would offer to cover ILB in chocolate and photograph him, but I’m not seeing him for a month or so, so he’s safe…

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