Come to the Darkside, we have cookies…

You know I’m given to introspection if you read my inane drivel but as a few people have told me recently they read this blog because of my take on life I guess I’d better just get on with it… the drivel that is 😉

Today’s introspective kaleidoscopic brain tsunami was caused by an old friend of mine. He’s a bit naughty and given to flirtatious behaviour.  He has a tenancy to get naughty with the ladies and doesn’t want to upset the applecart of home life so to speak, so we ended up discussing the ‘dark side’ of twitter, the sexy people, the people I like to think are actually as lot more honest and open and trustworthy that all the pent up decent folk on the vanilla side… You know the ones, the naughty people I call friends 😉

I’m given to a bit of banter myself, I have a flirtatious nature, I am naughty. If you have read this blog since May you will know my thoughts on ‘the dark side’, cock photos, sexting, they stuff that most people look for when they venture over into the world of NSFW as a ‘dark side account holder’ (sounds like a club doesn’t it).  Yeah, I can be pretty scathing but all in all I know that people need to vent their darker side, people like me who’s natural propensity is actually to be sexual and find the constraints of being respectable a daily chore. Biting back comments is something I have learned through many many years of having a filthy mind… (Although I did tell a Dad in the school yard the other day that I thought a certain high street sex shop was rather bland and the products uninteresting. He didn’t ask me to qualify the remark for which I was relieved 😉 phew!)

Anyway, I know what my friend is looking for, a bit of harmless fun and all well and good to him, I hope he finds it but it got me thinking… Why do people follow me? Because, lets face it, I’m not NSFW, I’m really placid… My twitter has No sexy pictures every five minutes and you won’t find many here either.  Twitter is a perfect playground for the voyeur but you’ll not get an eyeful out of me… You won’t find endless descriptions of my lovelife either because I’m actually a private person and honestly folks… even I can write about sex that much!! 😉 Yes, I know I write erotica and if you tell me it made you hot I consider it a job well done, I gets me kicks like that, I’m not exactly prolific though, as I discovered recently I have too much ‘life’ to need to ‘get one’ and it gets in the way of my creativity *frowns*.

So I asked twitter, why do you follow me?

Well it seems people like my drivel and *grimaces* I’m nice *frowns* okay, I can live with being ‘nice’ (I fucking hate that word *sulks*) because I do tend to care about the people I tweet with regularly and a lot of the action does happen in my DM box! Just not in the way you would think…

I get a lot of DM’s, so many that I’m always in search of the next best DM cleaner 😉  (but not enough to be in twitter jail) but it’s all NORMAL stuff!! The stuff that my naughty pals don’t want on their time lines, like what the kids are doing at school, what the wife said and how they feel, what to buy hubby for christmas… you know, vanilla stuff. People sometimes tell me their problems, I’m great at not judging perhaps that’s why… blowed if I know… it’s probably my shocking memory to be fair, “You told me what?” but the upshot of this is since I started my EM twitter account I have not had a single indecent proposal or naughty picture.  Whilst I’m curious as to why, I’m actually okay with this as anyone who did try it would get really short shrift! Yep, I’m a right conundrum….

This might also be because I am very careful who I follow back of course!

So is it the writer thing? Do people look at this and think – she writes about sex, she’s gonna write about me? Or is it more a thinking they are not interesting enough to be written about… Honestly folks, I know how that feels! I’m soo incredibly uninteresting you just can’t imagine!!

So after I had my chat with my friend and asked twitter my question why, I looked at my profile and considered that as an erotic writer and sarcastic wench there really is nothing not safe for work about me. I bet if I had a mind I could delete my vanilla twitter and just have the one account, I might be a bit smutty for some but it’s only smut… I obviously have no need for a NSFW account do I, I am what I am, although I must admit to missing the freedom I felt with my old locked account!

Usually at the bottom of these little bloggy rantings of mine I draw a conclusion, not so today… Perhaps that is because I wouldn’t welcome people trying to sext with me or sending me cock pictures, perhaps it’s because this is not a locked account, there is no anonymity for the people who I talk too, so they just keep it to naughty banter…  Perhaps, and it irks me to admit this, I really am just another dull housewife… Infact my brain is reeling with how banal I suddenly feel today. #dull #dull #dull

There is only one thing for it…

More coffee and lots of it, with cake…


The tsunami might have won this round.




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  1. OK, Em, I won’t call you nice. 😉
    But I followed you initially because you talk to some of my favourite tweeps. And I kept following you because I like your voice, and you make me smile.

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