Fragrance? Pour Homme…

Can I just start by saying that Mr.Beam doesn’t smell… well not bad anyway, not everyday 😉

and he also rarely reads my drivel…

That said, I was wondering what to get him for the Chrimbo fiasco, what I would like Him to have, not necessarily what he wants that is… and I thought I’d quite like him to have some aftershave or fragrance or whatever it is they market smell stuff as these days.

He usually uses Lynx deodorant which can be quite masculinity and sexy smelling but I’d like to buy him some that makes my knees go weak… for those moments when a girl needs weak knees – y’know…

But bloody hell there is a lot of this stuff out on the market! CK Giorgio Gucci YSL…. I haven’t got all day to wander around the shopping centers of Great Britain sniffing hunky man smell, apart from the fact that some of this stuff makes me sneeze I’ve noticed that after a while you just can’t smell anything anymore!!

So I’m asking my beloved blog readers (yes, that’s you at the back as well) can you recommend a pong to niff please? A few suggestions to get me started? A shortlist if you would please?

Don’t send me to harrods though eh? I’m a poor, out of work writer living in a hovel… (This is true except the hovel bit and ‘out of work’ is kinda a lifestylie choice thingy)

So what are you waiting for? Promote that pong!!!


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  1. Jean Paul Gaultier: le male

    Have a wiff 🙂

  2. It’s a real minefield out there…and to be honest I’m probably no use whatsoever as the problem is that it is simply a matter of personal taste…I did a quick search, however, and this might be a good starting point:

    (As a general rule, I’ve always found you can’t really go much wrong with most of the Calvin Klein ones, plus you can often find them in discount-type places)
    Good luck!

  3. I asked the very same question a while ago on G+ and these are the responses I got. I’ve yet to buy anything yet though……….

    Davidoff Cool Water, or Calvin Klein; eternity for men – Chanel Allure and anything by Hugo Boss – Cool Water, though for pure manliness, it has to be Oberon from the Cotswold Perfume Company.

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