The VBA or we bloody are divine too!!

Some Meme’s rock, I like a good meme especially when it allows me to have a free rein with the sarcasm, I’ve done a few in my guise as a Mummy blogger that kept me amused for hours. When I was nominated by 3 fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award, along with being REALLY flattered, I cringed at the thought of having to carry it on, the reason being that I hate those sycophantic awards shows that are everywhere this time of year, Oscars, Baftas, whatevers… the ‘ ooo darling you are so divine’ crowd, they make me cringe big time. I always enjoy the one that someone (I think it might be Noel) does for the local hero though, which got me thinking…

My fellow “Lifestyle” bloggers who think about sex too much, are REAL people, this is nitty gritty life stuff they share with us and the Erotica bloggers are really REAL too!! I also read rather a lot of not ‘life style bloggers who think too much about sex’ or at least they don’t tell us they think about sex as much as we do but their writing is just as compelling, yet I don’t think some of them would thank me for including them here and it might break my ‘cover’ (I use that term loosely!) So why not do the meme?

…and then I had another cringe moment because I wondered to myself do I really read 15 blogs? I mean honestly? The answer is actually yes I do, and more on a dip in and out as the whim takes me, I lurk allarmingly! So I had huge difficulty choosing but rest assured if I’ve ever bothered to comment on your blog or seek you out on twitter – I like the cut of your gib.

So thank you (In date order) To Jilly, Molly and F, lovely of you to nominate me for the VBA.

So here we go – the rules are

  1. Thank my nominator (above), and link to site.
  2. Nominate 15 blogs that I enjoy reading, linky them up and tell them that I’ve done so.
  3. Tell you 7 things about myself which you must promise me you won’t yawn at!
  4. Enjoy watching them squirm at the prospect of doing this meme, unless of course they have already done it and then sorry I’m so late n all that…

The Blogs, in no particular order honestly…

A Blogger in Turmoil: I must be responsible for half of F’s stats, I check this blog for updates more than twice a day, it has been know to replace my blog as ‘most visited blog’ on my Chrome dashboard (it might be because my email box is glaringly empty a lot *looks stern*.) As someone who usually avoids train wreck telly I think F might be my dirty train wreck blogging secret. He found me first (kudos) so I naturally read his blog, it’s a compellingly honest insight to his angst, I love his naughty side that he often shows here in my comments. I’m so thrilled we are now friends.

Molly’s Daily Kiss: So, this is the most fascinating blog in the history of the world. Molly is insightful and clever and boy does she share!  She writes like an angel, so okay, it’s a naughty angel.  She recently threatened to try and write a novel (well okay, you said you have thought about it 😉 ) and I say do IT!!! Dear readers, If you haven’t read this blog, you should. *Hugs Lady*

Lady Laid Bare: I’m jealous. *goes green* not only does Jilly write LOADS it GOOD LOADS!!! She’s also a really interesting lovely tweeter xx mwah xx

And no I didn’t just pick those three because they picked me, I rate them all extremely highly as bloggers and humans!

Writes For Her: I love this man’s mind. He is humourous and self deprecating and a great erotica writer. I want him to spank me!!  The only problem with this blog is there is not enough of it! Write more Mr.WFH, this Her would love more… Yes I am demanding 😉

An Optimistic Virgin: She’s back!! Phew.. I missed C’s irreverence during her brief disappearance, this is a great blog from a unique blogger. Best enjoyed from day one, pour yourself a glass of wine and read it all. Funny and charming, C is great with fruit.

The Erotic Notebook: Fabulous Erotica writer, I really enjoy Ruby’s writing. She is also the host of EROTICON2012; I’m going… Why aren’t you?

Get Fettled: A fledgling erotica writer with inspired ideas in his story telling, he appears to have gone quiet which is very disappointing…

Mocha Beanie Mama: Not a sex blogger but I know she thinks about sex a whole lot!! This is a well written blog about a woman’s life, loves and photography. So funny, so spot on, so read it.

A Symmetry of Longing: Wonderous prose from a fellow coffee lover, my love of this blog has to be taken in small doses, it gets in my head, dangerously… *sighs* Gene is a superb wordsmith. Just amazing.

A Smile Like The Sun: This blog waves a huge flag at versatility. I’m sure Huff could, should he choose, write a very sexy story about paper clips, curling tongs and toe nail clippers with references to beach combing and the highland fling… Random perhaps, he’s just that type of writer, by that I mean excellent of course but also imaginative… I’m still waiting for the blog police to come and ransack me.

Musings of a High School Vampire: I’ve loved this blog for over a year, I know this because that is how long the writer took off 😦 Apparently his arch nemesis deaded him but the thing about the undead is they are hard to kill off, Jonathon8 *might* be a nasty weasel of a blood sucking vampire but he is my favourite… I no longer go out at night, not that it would make the slightest difference to him…

Sexual Psyclist: I dip in and out of Mr. Psyclist, when I’m looking for raunchy tales of seriously horny preportions, this blog is usually my starting point… yes, I lurk….

The Sex Experiment: What can I say? This is a really fun blog, it will have your mind reeling with possibilities, I find my mind moving from disbelief to longing and back again so often. I’m so far behind with reading the antics of this couple but I intend to catch up asap!

The Aussie Scribbler: should erotica be amusing, you bet your life it should!! and the Aussie Scribblers Funnybones never fail to raise a smile, true genius of writing.

and 7 things about me? Well that is not very interesting is it… I’m already yawning #dull #dull #dull…


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  1. Thanks, EM! Still loving your moonbeams, which put out as much heat as light.

  2. Thank you… I am honoured to find myself on this list and did I mention a novel? Well ok, maybe I did, that will teach me to keep my grand plans to myself won’t it now as you don’t seem to be the first saying…. Where is it? I don’t rate myself at all in the writing department so when I read things like this it tends to bring me up short and take a second look at my writing and so thank you for that too. I need that jolt now and then.

    Interesting list, and a few I don’t know as well, so I shall enjoy discovering some new blogs here I think.


    Ps… I WANT the 7 things about you, you are many things but dull is defo not one of them

  3. Great List, a couple new ones for me to check out. Thanks EM. I have also received the VBA, and have the same troubles trying to figure out who and what to list. Many I read I am not sure would appreciate the link to my all over the place, mostly sex blog. 🙂 Plus I’m still updating that “blog roll”

  4. Thanks for including me on the list. 🙂 A lot of blogs I’m not familiar with, plus faves like Jilly and C. So many great blogs, so little time is my lament. I’m amazed with bloggers who write so much and still manage to enjoy so much of the blogging of others. I browse around in the little time I have between all the other things I’m trying to do and feel like I’ve probably missed the best stuff. Which is probably what makes awards important, because we can’t read everything, but those who read more than us can drag us in the direction of what we definitely don’t want to miss.

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