7 Things…

*Yawns dramatically* I never really thought I’d get away with not doing it…

In years gone by, again as my guise as a Mummy Blogger, I have done 3 posts on “7 things about me” and it was a strain everytime. I was not looking forward to this bit much, then I realised that none of my readers here have seen those! So I *might have stolen 7 things mercilessly from the other posts, 7 really dull me things to tell you.

*unlikely, you decide if I would tell the vanilla world this stuff…

One!  Red wine makes me horny, especially Shiraz but it’s a fine line between horny and comatose…

Two!   I met Mr.Beam at a drop zone, I was packing a parachute at the time and if anyone tells you I was bought for a shower and a jump ticket, don’t believe them… it was 2 jump tickets 😉 He say’s I’ve never been cheap. (tw, ‘jump’ tickets were about the airplane not the bunkroom)

Three!  I got high in America… I visited the highest incorporated city in the US, Leadville to go Dog sledding, it was an amazing experience, as was the whole trip *dreams of snow, skis sliding through powder, the soft swish as you move, chilled air against your face* *cries*

Four!  Every winter I hunt endlessly for inexpensive knee high leather boots and every year I fail to find any that will zip over my calves or accommodate my strangely shaped feet.

Five! When it comes to my feet, don’t go there, no really, I’m not kidding. Touching my feet accidentally may result in a bloody nose for you, touch them on purpose and a sensitive part of you is going to hurt for a very long time….

Six! Really struggling to find anything to write here now so I have asked my dear pal Bluelagoon, she tells me I am one of the Stillest people she has ever known. I read that as silliest which of course confused me as I’m sure she knows far sillier people than me! Though I will admit to being bloody daft at times! But no, apparently I can be still and observe people “it goes beyond people watching.” Funny the things people think about you isn’t it… I thought everyone observed how people are, how they stand and talk, move and interact… Doesn’t everyone imagine the lives of those around them, who are they with, are they lovers, what they might be like in bed…   Or just wonder at the colour of their lounge, how much washing up is piled in the kitchen, if they put the lid on the toothpaste or replace the loo roll, are they messy, creative, humourous or if they are anally tidy… No? Just me then…

Seven! I don’t own a trug….


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  1. I never knew that about your feet.. you weirdo!!!! 🙂 xx

  2. Don’t own what? Ugh, leave us hanging

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