Almost Spring…

There has been a lot of spring cleaning going on here, I’ve been busy in the house being domesticated and I have a few projects in the burner that need my attention, that and the feeling like I’m being criticized for my own opinions and how I like to live my life on my own blog led me to wondering if I’ve had enough of this persona… I almost hit the delete button again this week, those of you following me on twitter may have seen my rant. Yes, I know, I keep going through this but usually it’s due to protecting the people I love, this time it was out of sheer exhaustion.

I know what you are going to say Haters gonna hate, just ignore them… and so I shall, for a while at least.  I gave myself a few days off, knowing this blog was shut down and there was no need to check it gave me a breathing space for a couple of days.  Thank you to those of you who noticed and requested access, I appreciate that…

I have a couple of posts coming up this month that I have promised to write and so I shall.

After that? Lets take one day at a time…




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  1. what the actual fuck?! it constantly astonishes me just how many assholes there are out there.
    …no…wait…assssholes are useful things….
    …gobbets of tuberculotic sputum…?
    yes – better.
    i am trying to imagine who could possibly want to criticise you, or why, and i’m coming up blank.

  2. I don’t know or understand why others feel the need to criticise a blog that they CHOOSE to read. If they don’t like it, they don’t need to look at it. I personally love your attitudes and musings and the fact that you often make me giggle, perhaps without intention, and at other times you still make me feel innocent!
    Don’t give it up. Why let them win?


  3. Please do not delete. I need you to continue to inspire me!


    • Erotic Moonbeam

      Me? Inspirational? Wow….

      • Yes ma’am. Is that so difficult to conceive of? I think it is a more than reasonable statement, and I might add that I would be quite surprised if I am the only one you inspire. I cannot say in what way you inspire others, but for myself the content you create contributes to my interest in my own poetry and provides me with ideas, and for that I am grateful!


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