I’m open, not easy…

Some one called me inspirational…. I’m still speechless… *cough* yes, not likely I know… Usually I find my little ranty blog posts are inspired by others, something someone says will niggle away at my busy brain until it forms itself into something verging on coherent and requesting to be written.  This happened again this week.   I was immensely enjoying having a lovely telephone conversation with a fellow blogger, setting the world to rights etc, when something she said hit a large red and yellow bullseye in my brain. “I’m open, not easy.”

I ramble on about sex and it’s different aspects, I will express my opinion very clearly on sexual matters with practically anyone who wants to hear them via the internet, obviously I keep a tighter lid on what I think with people in my every day life, mostly people are not open, not able to admit to having a sexual nature so it’s best to keep quite, but on line, especially twitter, like finds like and openness is usually taken with the transparency and honesty with which it’s meant.  Sometimes people read my openness as something else and this does annoy me (although I understand why they might be misguided).

I’m open, not easy… I have desires, I like sex, I thrive on physical contact. Do I want to fuck you? No, I can safely say that unless I’ve actually told you to the contrary, I don’t. I’m happily married and regularly ‘serviced’ thanks all the same, I don’t need any help on that score. Just because I like to talk about sex doesn’t mean I’m swinging or having multi partners. So yeah, perhaps I muse about this fantasy or that but when you have something good going, why wreck it…

The blogesphere is full of bloggers who do tell you the intimate details of their sex lives and it makes very interesting reading, I know, I read a few of them and perhaps I’m living vicariously through their exploits. That’s my choice isn’t it? The same needs to apply to what I blog about and it occurs to me that I may have lost my way a little here. Everyone seems to be doing the “Last night I…” and I read these posts and wonder if that is what I should be doing to… only I know I can’t, it’s not me… That is what has spurned on all the jokes about not being a sex blogger.  You want that, you are in the wrong place, I need to do what I do which is mainly trying to make sense of this very strange and uptight little world we live in.

I’ve been a little bit cheesed off recently by a few commentors who appear to be implying that my life is less that it should be, their way is better, perhaps it is, but I am the navigator of my own life and I choose to live it the way I am. Whislt offers of a sexual nature might be appealing and flattering, as I’ve said from the beginning of this blog, it’s not an invitation I’m prepared to take.  You may get the impression I’m headstrong, the answer to that is only when I need to be and I will continue to live life as I see fit, being open, not easy.


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  1. This.
    you hit that one right on the head, darling. ur doin’ it rite. ;o)

  2. Indeed, I think the statement is brilliant. I am much the same. I enjoy indulging in the language of love and eroticism, but I have never been swinging or even largely interested in translating those thoughts into actions with random people. In most ways I am quite content to contain my sensuality to writing and please someone through words. I find the act rewarding and stimulating. In the same sense I am inspired by people, such as yourself, who are open with their thoughts and opinions. Perhaps it can be taken as recipes. I will indulge in the recipes of another person, create them myself, and share them with others, but that does not mean they are invited for dinner to my house tonight 😉

    You mustn’t cough at the thought of being inspiring. It really is quite reasonable, you know. 🙂


    • Erotic Moonbeam

      *chuckles* the cough was for the speechlessness 😉

      • Then I shall accept that as a compliment, for, in a positive context, leaving a woman speechless is something I greatly enjoy. Now, if the speechlessness related to revolt or annoyance please allow me to retract that statement.


  3. Rah Rah… As you well know Mrs Beam I found out the hard way that enjoying the thought and enjoying the reality are very different.. So please can we have a lot more of your clear sightedness.. It makes such a refreshing change 🙂 x

  4. Amen – I’m a writer, what I do in my private life is no one’s business. Writing erotica does not mean you have to give up your right to be private with whatever you please. Hell, if people judged my sex life from my blog posts they’d assume I’d been dead for a decade. You’re doing just fine as you are – only change if it’s what feels right to you.

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