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EM’s Exploration of Kink – Fisting Day Special


Yes, I’ve skipped a few letters, with good reason, it’s October 21st, National Fisting Day. I recently caught the Word Ejaculation post discussing Courtney Trouble’s desire to have fisting allowed in porn and I agree with Ruby’s comments regarding the porn industry…

So, I’m going to squeeze a little one in for National Fisting day too…

Fisting: When one person puts their hand entirely inside another person’s vagina or anal passage.

I’ve written Erotica including the act of fisting, Hitch was one of those times when I had to step outside the box (no pun intended) and write outside the spectrum of my own personal experience because of  what the character demand.

Like so many women I am a huge fan of the finger fuck, 2 sometimes 3, perhaps 4… all moving, squirming and placing pressure inside my pussy, it’s like a symphony of pleasure, throw in a slippy thumb up the back passage and that’s me away… Easily pleased by a skilled lover I am.

Mr Beam does have extraordinarily large hands though, he’s 6ft 4 and well proportioned all around and although I’m not a small woman; I have narrow hips.  Thoughts of child birth and a head getting stuck in the birth canal, forceps…  Moving on. Being fisted is something I would dearly love to try!

I’ve seen a few brief scenes in the *odd fetish film (just a few 😉 )where some one gets fisted, it’s usually only a short piece and with little finess, so I’d like to see it being performed properly, from the start, with passion… I’d call that fascinating viewing!  So what if it would take a while, with lots of lube and anticipation, I can see me squirming in my seat watching (in a good way) and as a woman who CAN’T seem to find the right sort of porn for me, (please do make suggestions on the porn front dear readers) I do wonder if the fact I’m salivating at the idea of watching a slow, seductive, lovingly executed fisting might be an indication of desire!

In fact, dear movie makers, I know I’m not the only female who finds your offerings pathetic, I’d much rather see real people fucking, with glistening hot bodies from sheer exhiliration,  instead of those bloody terrible camera simpering, lime light hogging, seemingly perfected bodied women you seem to get in porn films. The eye rolling, pouting and stupid noises they do wants me to chuck my dildos at the TV and shout “Grunt and Sweat for Fucksakes!”

So I say Bravo! to Courtney and friends for drawing this to our attention! I shall be keeping an eye on the Tumblr and hope you include me in your list of supporters.

EM’s Exploration of Kink :- A is also for…


At first I thought, what the fuck… pictures of Mr.Beam in a lacy dress with lipstick and false eyelashes had my fingers digging into the mattress and not in a good way!! *Screws up face* but then I started digging a little…

Agalmatophilia – Sexuoerotism evoked by a statue, doll or mannequin or object, which contrasts to the use of a mannequin as a surrogate for a real person.

Imagine a world where the object of your desire is always available for you, wears only clothes that appeal to you, never farts, swears, gets emotional, demanding or angry with you. Does your bidding, does not fight you for the remote, is always in a ‘good’ mood, never hogs the bathroom or leaves the toilet seat up…. Imagine that! No, I’m still picturing a world without cuddles and having oral sex performed on me so it’s not winning but I must admit to be intrigued…

….This is not a new fetish but one of the enduring through time subjects, where ever I look on the web there are references to Pygmalion, (I do love a bit of mythology,) the Cypriot sculptor who created a statue in honor of Aphrodite  and loved it so much wished that she were a real woman, he kisses the statue and it’s warm, his wish is granted… if I honestly thought that might happen I’d be carving an effergy to Taylor Lautner in my garage. Abs abs abs… is there such a thing as an abs fetish? *Drolls*

This subject seems to split though, primarily my investigation found information on the love an object or doll and the ‘products available’ (of course there would be) the top of the market being the RealDoll, for $6000 I can have a custom made man doll (with abs) and choose his features and penis size, this can also be detachable should I want a different size… Hmm… So these real dolls? Is it just that real women are far too independent and demanding? I need, I feel, I demand on occasions. I move, I grasp, suck and lick… I always thought that was fair play; then again I do have a bit of a pash for my suction cup dildo who is a mighty fine fella and makes me feel like a really satisfied woman, is this not similar? Looking further I found my search moved away from the inanimate.

and this is where it gets a little complicated… which as there are humans involved is really not that hard to understand! Complex animals we are…

The human doll fetish, doll play. Dressing up your lover to resemble features you find attractive on a doll. Couples spend hours,, dressing, doing hair and make up, getting their partner look the part, to act like a doll. Like most women I do love a bit of a pamper, I can have a facial, get make up and hair done, I love to feel dressed up and sexy it’s a huge turn on! It only takes one man to look at me as if he wants to lick my shoes and the effort is worth it. I’m thinking this part of the fetish is just kicking that up a notch with a bit of the inanimate thrown in for good measure! I’m not sure I’d want Mr.Beam doing my hair and make up though… and I keep getting flash back to that Robert Palmer video.

I know, I’m being flip and I shouldn’t, being intriguied doesn’t bring understanding (this is where I’d love to hear some doll players side of the story)  I can’t imagine being the human doll, still, face never changing, not reacting or taking any action to satisfy your lover. To be expressionless, placed in a position and stay there, no reaction through whatever the doll master chooses to do to your body… that takes some strength of mind and spirit and I feel completely in awe of anyone who can maintain that.

I have found tell on the internet of doll master displays, usually involving BDSM, spanking or actually just pleasure giving, where the audience gets to see a doll in action, or preferably not as the case may be – I’d like to see that.

and then there is the latex… but that is far too big to even try to add to this post so it’s going to have to wait until I get to L!

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The more Exploration the better!!


This Kink Thing….


I guess you guys like the idea of a Exploration of Kink huh?

It did worry me a little that looking down my list of fetishes (crazy world I live in isn’t it, a list of fetishes *rolls eyes*) that there are quite a few *coughs* that I’m not going to cover even after you take out the illegal, non consentual and just plain ‘leaves a nasty taste’ ones..

So here is the plan. I’m going to continue on in my own sweet way, as I do best and I will try to work my way through the alphabet as I intended musing on whatever my brain gets amused/horny about and I’d like you out there in the blogging world to do the same if you so desire. I’m going to drop a little linky thingy in the bottom of my posts (great idea thanks to Molly) and you can link up your Exploration of Kink to mine.

It doesn’t have to be A-Z it can just be what you are thinking/writing about this week. I would like you to add a link in your post back to mine if you linky and please keep it legal and consensual but otherwise ‘Fill Your Boots!’

Those of you that don’t have a blog can always join in too! Send me your piece on kink and I will guest post it (as long as it fits in the guide lines).

With that said, I guess I’d better get writing my next bit so you can linky in eh? Where was I? Still on A…



EM’s Exploration of Kink :- A is for…

… Ambiguous… 

As in, its bloody impossible to tell exactly what is a fantasy, a fetish, a kink or  just a turn on. Different sources list different activities in different ways, some web sites are telling me that anything involving pain and bondage is ‘Kinky’ yet the dictionary definition is

Kinky – Showing or appealing to bizarre or deviant tastes, especially of a sexual or erotic nature.

I did read (somewhere) that if you enjoy being tied up with scarves and ticked with feathers it’s a turn on, if you get bolted onto a specially made table with chains and ropes and get hit with a chicken, that’s Kinky.

Unperturbed I am going to carry on regardless, kinky is as kinky does and as I don’t really consider myself to be kinky almost anything goes. I’m not exactly vanilla, more raspberry ripple. If it doesn’t involve humping military style and rolling off and having a cigarette I’m going to consider it, anything illegal, undead or involving animals is out at the startline and yes dear reader, I’m going to remind you again that I’m not keen on pain… but perhaps we will define my interpretation of pain as we continue. Feel free to add your two’penarth worth if you feel you have something viable to add, open discussion is not kinky but the lack of it in the world suggests to me it should be 😉

Welcome to my personal search, lets get going.


Consensual fantasy play acting out the mock capture, bondage, struggle, and intimidation of one or more sexual partners. The fantasy may be reinforced by the use of costumes, especially police or military uniforms, and the use of bondage paraphernalia such as handcuffs, rope, tape, and blindfolds. 

My oh my, this little gem really seems to get people’s juices flowing, it seems to be an extension of Autassassinophilia, sexual arousal gained by placing yourself in life threatening situations.

Reports of this fantasy roleplay range from partners acting out in the comfort of their own home to businesses promising to make abduction come true for you, snatching you off the street and performing your desire in minute detail.  There is so much scope for tailoring to your own need, the thrill is in the detail, leather gloves, chemical laden cloth over the mouth, pillow cases over the head, blindfold, bondage, rough treatment… Making it believable.

I personally can see the attraction of certain elements of this, but I don’t get off on being scared shitless which is the main benefit as far as I can see. For my own personal sanity I’d need to know and trust my abductor which probably defeats the object…

… and rape play leaves me not just cold but recoiling in horror. So what does that leave? A bit of bondage and some rough sex :-s


Now, I already have a bit of a thing for accents. I’m a woman who relishes her silence as there is never enough of it in my world. (I don’t listen to music, tolerate radio 4 when I’m bored and have a Auralism for natural sounds, sitting in the woods listening the wind moving through the trees is quite a turn on – yay for outdoor sex!) I’ve even refined my desire of accents down to well spoken Scottish and Geordie accents.

I’ve never actually been excited to orgasm by talking on the phone or in person to someone with the right accent, so if you call me for a conversation there is no need to be concerned about my self-possession crumbling at your dulcet tones, I’m not about to wank down the phone at you… Unless you start talking dirty to me. I did spend a little time a few months ago trying to find an erotic voice recording of a Scot or Geordie, alas my search was in vain…

This is an area I’d like to spend a little more time investigating, I can’t be the only woman who enjoys listening to a man detailing what he intends to do to her! Finding the right voice recording is very important, content is an area full of pitfalls as the wrong tone or situation can be an instant turn off but *sigh* in the name of research I’m willing to give it another go! I shall let you know what I find and any pointers in the sexy auditory department are very welcome!

To be continued….

On A Mission…

Yesterday after my Abyss blog post a fellow blogger and I had a DM chat, bless her (much appreciated my dear!). I’ve always thought I’ve been pretty thorough in my exploration of the available sexy kinky stuff but after this discussion I began to wonder, have I? Honestly?

So today I have decided to start a new mission, an investigation from A-Z, I’m not going to look at everything because there are kinks out there that leave me ice cold and that would be counter productive but I’m as open minded as you will find a sex blogger and I’m willing to consider a LOT!

I know I’m restricted by the fact I only have one partner, Mr Beam is a darn fine husband and perhaps that is a restriction in itself, but I shall plow on because just now I have no idea where to go next and he knows me well enough to indulge in the journey if not always the experimentation.

Of course most of this will just be a mental exercise, a lot of what turns me on only happens in my head, I’ve found in the past that I can read something and be really hot for it, only to find the experience lacking in some way. The same happens with porn, somethings are great to watch but turn out to be dull to have done. I know it works the other way too as watching someone have their nipples pulled and squeezed always makes me feel sick, having it done to me is a different matter!

Now the disclaimer… *rolls eyes* these thoughts will be my own, if I miss the point of a kink please feel free to let me know, after all I’m no expert! If I miss a kink and you feel I should consider it yell, lets make this a bit interactive, I’m open to guest posts too, explain to me why certain kinks are the best, my email address is on the About EM.x page.

Well I guess that just leaves me to scuttle off and start googling Kinks beginning with A – onward!!