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Moving On.

I’m in a strange space. My head is empty, my heart is heavy. I feel like a vast mass of nothingness stretching out to eternity. I am a created masterpiece and yet a blank canvas.

It seems ironic that my friends have on occasions expressed an opinion that I am wise. I apparently offer wisdom and encourage thought. One wishes this would bring comfort to ones self. It doesn’t, it’s just a tease at my inability to know what I should do to feel better, to feel complete.  I’ve been trying to think what I would say to someone else feeling similar; The conclusion was I would tell them to Write; to discover, to explore, to express. I write, it’s what I do beyond being a Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter. When people ask me what I ‘do’ I have to bite back the response ‘I’m a writer’ and answer ‘I’m a mother’. Perhaps it’s this denial that makes me feel a lack of foundation, sadly it’s this world that makes it so, because of what I choose to write.

So amongst reasons in deciding to start writing here again is the need for self-expression. I am a sexual woman, I think about sex more than the average man, although perhaps not the physical mechanics, more the emotional/mental semantics of it all. When I started writing here it was a release, I enjoyed the bright colour and thrill it brought to my life.  I miss that. I no longer have the shroud of anonimity but those that now know who I am can be trusted. I am grasping to the hope that this will allow me free reign with my train of thought. I don’t know, I’m a very private person.

A lot of this blog is humorous, I have really enjoyed re reading it, is it wrong to laugh at the way I see the world? Perhaps. I like to laugh, it can make or break a day. But I’m in a different place now than last May, a different place from February too… I don’t know how this is going to go.

So, my plans for this tiny corner of the interwebs? I need a space to vent and muse, shout, cry, get horny, lustful, naughty and sometimes just write. Stay, read, enjoy or not… If not, move on.

I encourage others to express themselves too but people often feel trepidicious about writing a blog or admitting to feeling sexual needs, so I’m offering a page to anyone who wants to muse on moonbeams, scribble fiction or vent, paint pictures, take photos… They can find a home here.  (at my discretion).

Lets go…


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Guest Post: Office Rules by Mick Collins

Office Rules
by Mick Collins

She walked into the office, her heels clicking as she walked. As she reached me we kissed.

“God it’s good to see you.”

“Shhh” and she put her finger over my lips. She turned around and closed the office door. As she walked back she took off her jacket
and tossed it on couch. She pulled out the chair in front of my desk and sat down in front of me. She had a tan skirt that crept up past
her knees as she crossed her legs. My eyes trailed up her legs to her white blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to see a little. A
little higher up I notice she was smiling at me. “Like what you see?”

“Of course I do.”

“Show me.”

“Show you what?”

She leaned forward and said deliberately. “Show. me. that. you. like. this.” Her manicured hand traced a line down her shirt and popped
open another button.

“Uhh… um, how do you, I mean, what can I do to show you?”

“Drop your pants.” I glanced at the door. It was shut, but not locked. “Go on…”

I slipped my shoes off and undid my belt. I unbuttoned my pants and they fell to the floor. Standing there in front of her in only my
boxer-briefs she could clearly see my erection.

“NOW I know you like it. The cock doesn’t lie.” She stood up and walked around me. Standing behind me she whispered in my ear. “take
them off.” I swallowed hard, closed my eyes and slid my underwear down my legs. She reached around and slid her fingers down my
erection. “Mmmm… I like that.”

She walked around back in front of me and turned around. Looking over her shoulder she said “Unzip me.” I quickly reached out to unzip her and she quickly slapped my hand. “What did I teach you last time? What’s the proper way to undo my zippers?” I blushed furiously and knelt down so that her ass was right in my face. I reached out with my teeth and grabbed hold of her zipper and pulled down. Her skirt fell around her feel revealing her red panties.

She kicked the skirt away and while turning around slide her blouse off. I was now kneeling in front of her while she stood there in only
her red lace bra, matching panties and red heels. I could feel my heart pounding. I kept staring at her panties, knowing what was
underneath that thin layer of lace. She reached down and lifted my chin so I was looking at her face. “Go ahead… I know you want to.”
I reached up and slid her panties down.

She sat down in the chair and spread her legs wide. “C’mon, I don’t have all day.” I crept forward and starting gently eating her pussy.
She pushed her hips into my face and I started eating her out more enthusiastically. God I loved the way she tasted. “Mmmm… well I’ll
say one things for sure… I’m damn glad I kept you if for no other reason than this…” I was proud of how well I could please her.

I continued to lick her pussy for a few minutes. Her breath started getting ragged and she wrapped her legs around my head keeping it in place. She didn’t need to. I loved it, I wasn’t going anywhere. I slipped two fingers inside her and that drove her over the edge and I
could feel her pussy clamp down on my fingers as her legs squeezed my head. Finally she let go and fell back on my heels.

She put her foot right in my chest and with a quick push with her red stiletto I was flat on my back. She stood up and stood over me.
“Let’s see if that cock is as good as your tongue.” She lowered herself onto my hard cock. My cock was enveloped in her hot wet
pussy. She rode my cock for just a minute or two. Between seeing her this way and then eating her out I couldn’t wait much longer.
Suddenly she stopped. Breathlessly she said “Nononono… not yet…  that’s not your cock, that’s MY cock… and I’ll decide when it cums.”
She dragged her nails across my chest as she clenched onto my cock with her pussy. I couldn’t believe how much control she had over it.
I could feel my cock throbbing inside of her.

Finally after a minute or so she started her fucking again. Riding my cock like it was a sex toy. I lost count of how many times she pushed
me right to the edge of cumming before denying me. Might have been 3… might have been 4. Each time she’d stop and snicker at me. The
desperation on my face was plain to see. “What’s the matter, baby… something you want?” I nodded vigorously. “C’mon… tell me… tell
me what you want.”

“I wanna cum…” I whispered.

“What? I can’t hear you…”

“Please… please let me cum…” I said a little louder.

“Let you cum? Who’s cock is that?” she dragged her nails across my chest, this time a little harder leaving slight red lines.

“It’s yours. Can you please let your cock cum? please…” I felt her pussy grip my cock… her cock. Squeezing hard she started her
fucking again and I couldn’t last any longer.

“Cum for me baby… cum!” Her cock shot its load inside her and my body went rigid. She layed down on top of me. Kissed me and then
stood up.

While I was recovering I saw her putting her skirt and blouse back on.
I literally couldn’t move. She picked up her jacket and slipped it on. Then she reached down and picked up my underwear… “You won’t be
needing these… Here…” She dropped her panties on my face… “You can wear those over my cock.”

She turned and walked out the door. I finally stood up and looked at her panties. Sighing I slipped them on and got dressed, knowing I’d
never stop thinking about her so long as I had them on. I didn’t really mind.