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EM’s Exploration of Kink :- A is also for…


At first I thought, what the fuck… pictures of Mr.Beam in a lacy dress with lipstick and false eyelashes had my fingers digging into the mattress and not in a good way!! *Screws up face* but then I started digging a little…

Agalmatophilia – Sexuoerotism evoked by a statue, doll or mannequin or object, which contrasts to the use of a mannequin as a surrogate for a real person.

Imagine a world where the object of your desire is always available for you, wears only clothes that appeal to you, never farts, swears, gets emotional, demanding or angry with you. Does your bidding, does not fight you for the remote, is always in a ‘good’ mood, never hogs the bathroom or leaves the toilet seat up…. Imagine that! No, I’m still picturing a world without cuddles and having oral sex performed on me so it’s not winning but I must admit to be intrigued…

….This is not a new fetish but one of the enduring through time subjects, where ever I look on the web there are references to Pygmalion, (I do love a bit of mythology,) the Cypriot sculptor who created a statue in honor of Aphrodite  and loved it so much wished that she were a real woman, he kisses the statue and it’s warm, his wish is granted… if I honestly thought that might happen I’d be carving an effergy to Taylor Lautner in my garage. Abs abs abs… is there such a thing as an abs fetish? *Drolls*

This subject seems to split though, primarily my investigation found information on the love an object or doll and the ‘products available’ (of course there would be) the top of the market being the RealDoll, for $6000 I can have a custom made man doll (with abs) and choose his features and penis size, this can also be detachable should I want a different size… Hmm… So these real dolls? Is it just that real women are far too independent and demanding? I need, I feel, I demand on occasions. I move, I grasp, suck and lick… I always thought that was fair play; then again I do have a bit of a pash for my suction cup dildo who is a mighty fine fella and makes me feel like a really satisfied woman, is this not similar? Looking further I found my search moved away from the inanimate.

and this is where it gets a little complicated… which as there are humans involved is really not that hard to understand! Complex animals we are…

The human doll fetish, doll play. Dressing up your lover to resemble features you find attractive on a doll. Couples spend hours,, dressing, doing hair and make up, getting their partner look the part, to act like a doll. Like most women I do love a bit of a pamper, I can have a facial, get make up and hair done, I love to feel dressed up and sexy it’s a huge turn on! It only takes one man to look at me as if he wants to lick my shoes and the effort is worth it. I’m thinking this part of the fetish is just kicking that up a notch with a bit of the inanimate thrown in for good measure! I’m not sure I’d want Mr.Beam doing my hair and make up though… and I keep getting flash back to that Robert Palmer video.

I know, I’m being flip and I shouldn’t, being intriguied doesn’t bring understanding (this is where I’d love to hear some doll players side of the story)  I can’t imagine being the human doll, still, face never changing, not reacting or taking any action to satisfy your lover. To be expressionless, placed in a position and stay there, no reaction through whatever the doll master chooses to do to your body… that takes some strength of mind and spirit and I feel completely in awe of anyone who can maintain that.

I have found tell on the internet of doll master displays, usually involving BDSM, spanking or actually just pleasure giving, where the audience gets to see a doll in action, or preferably not as the case may be – I’d like to see that.

and then there is the latex… but that is far too big to even try to add to this post so it’s going to have to wait until I get to L!

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This Kink Thing….


I guess you guys like the idea of a Exploration of Kink huh?

It did worry me a little that looking down my list of fetishes (crazy world I live in isn’t it, a list of fetishes *rolls eyes*) that there are quite a few *coughs* that I’m not going to cover even after you take out the illegal, non consentual and just plain ‘leaves a nasty taste’ ones..

So here is the plan. I’m going to continue on in my own sweet way, as I do best and I will try to work my way through the alphabet as I intended musing on whatever my brain gets amused/horny about and I’d like you out there in the blogging world to do the same if you so desire. I’m going to drop a little linky thingy in the bottom of my posts (great idea thanks to Molly) and you can link up your Exploration of Kink to mine.

It doesn’t have to be A-Z it can just be what you are thinking/writing about this week. I would like you to add a link in your post back to mine if you linky and please keep it legal and consensual but otherwise ‘Fill Your Boots!’

Those of you that don’t have a blog can always join in too! Send me your piece on kink and I will guest post it (as long as it fits in the guide lines).

With that said, I guess I’d better get writing my next bit so you can linky in eh? Where was I? Still on A…