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Love Letter #2

Dear Mb,

You are intoxicating.

I can’t get enough of you.

My hands wandering over your silken skin, roaming, kneading, grasping, pulling at your flesh. My lips on yours, kissing you wildly, without restraint. Having you in my arms, wrapped around you, feeling the rising passion trapped within you, aching for escape.

Snatching seclusion in an isolated spot, laying you down, exploring your body with my hands roaming under your skirt, cupping your arse in my hands as we kiss each other frantically. Your hands on my chest, caressing my skin wantonly, fingers grasping the fastenings of my trousers.

The grip of my hands on your skin, teasing, pulling, kissing down your neck, your shoulder, your chest, releasing your heaving breasts, sucking hard on your nipple, pulling you into my hungry mouth, teeth teasing you mercilessly. Your gasping hot breath resounding in my ear as you tightly clutch my head to you.

I wanted desperately to satisfy your every desire, my body burning with passion to have you. The feeling of the soft skin of your fingers searching in my trousers, relishing the heat of what you find, gently stroking, soothing my heat for you, yet stoking my passion.

Our time together so precious, our parting so aching, yet we will do it all over again and again and again.

I held you in my arms and didn’t want to let go, but let go I had too.


Your Paramour xxx


Love Letter #1

Dear Paramour

Honestly, I can hardly contain my excitement, in such a short time I will be holding you in my arms and loving you.  It’s amazing, writing this I am shaking with anticipation.

Your kiss is divine, opening a doorway to my soul. I can’t wait to feel your soft lips caress mine, teasing them between yours as my body reacts to your silken kisses. I long to feel your hot breath at my neck, your tongue tracing my collar bone, your hands pulling at my clothing in your haste to feel my skin under your fingertips.  Your hands, my skin, touch never had such potency.

My breath escapes me as I think of you sucking my breasts, teeth pulling at my nipples, biting my flesh. My mouth waters as I remember the taste and texture of your cock, the long hard shaft, the feel of your balls on my tongue, your semen exploding on the back of my throat, my pussy throbs remembering the look in your eye.

I want to lay with you, explore, play, tease and be with you. Listen to you whisper words of love in my ear, dirty, slutty words of filth as your fingers enter me, feeling my desire for you.  I’m going to watch as you move down my body, holding me down, stroking my hips, nibbling my thighs, drinking me in.

How will you take me my love? Will you push my legs against my body, thrusting deep, making me quiver as you fill me? Will you turn me over and grasp my hips as you drive your passion to the core of my being? Will you tease me to the point of orgasm then pause.  Listening whilst I beg you to let me cum, listening to my breathing rasp in short desperate bursts, listening to my lust as I can no longer control my need for you.

Will you hold me in your arms, where I should be, for a snatched moment?

I will wait, it’s not long now…


Your Em.x