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I like naked.

Naked feels good, clothes feel wrong. They confine me. I like to feel a breeze brush over my skin, my body to move unfettered. Apparently there is a label for people like me, it’s Naturist. I do love feeling closer to nature. So I’m ruling out the possibility I might be (like Urban Dictionary suggests) a pretentious Nudist 😉

Following on from my last post you would be forgiven for being confused. There seems to be a conception out there that naturist are exhibitionist. Right or wrong, I couldn’t say. I’ve not been able to be naked in public since I was about 9 on a beach in France, apart from the changing rooms in the sports centre, I’d like to try again.

I don’t have a local ‘Naturist’ spot or spa around here, the nearest one appears to be just over an hour away and I have seen it said that it’s full of ‘clothes’ out for a leer *shudders*. I’d like to find an isolated spot, in a forest somewhere secluded and fling my clothes off, caution and skin to the wind. The thought of someone finding me like that, alone,  scares seven bells out of me!

It’s just not to be is it…

So I will continue to wear as little clothing as I can outside my home. Walk through the door, strip off…


To Thong or not to Thong this is the question..

I have a question for you, as I’m away for the weekend I expect some well thought out long answers – In my dreams!

If you found yourself running your hands up your ladies thighs under her skirt, or delving below the waist band of your fellas trousers, what do you like to find?

Are sexy undies always the answer of the day or is it good to find nothing at all?

I spend a lot of time commando, not true sorry.. I spend a lot of time naked, in fact I’m naked as I write this (it’s 5.43am, I’m in bed, go figure.) and when I do put clothes on I often just throw something loose over my head and don’t worry about the netherware, I know, I’m so rock and roll!  Actually it’s mainly due to laziness and a desire not to feel all bound up, clothes make me feel restricted.

Sometimes I put on sexy knickers to please, I appreciate they have their place in the scheme of things but wonder what is best? And if you think finding underwear is best, what do you like to find? Is skimpy the order of the day? A thong always or something with more fabric?

Do Tell!

~ * ~

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