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So… Sex, and the needy woman…

Sex, fucking good isn’t it…

It can feel wonderful, delightful, hurt – in a great way, be fast and furious or slow and delicious , earth crashingly terrible, or perhaps because you are not getting any, extremely frustrating!

Men complain they don’t get any, that’s the stereotype isn’t it? – my wife doesn’t want sex, not interested. And so women are not supposed to want it that much…

How wrong can you get.

Because women do want it… well, lots of us anyway. I certainly do and I’m very lucky in the fact I have a partner with a reasonably high sex drive and I do get good sex whenever I want it.

But is it enough?

It would seem not.

It would seem that somehow, because of the respect and general gentlemanlyness of my partner, the fact we have been together for so long (although we are always up for trying something new) and a miriad of other reasons I can’t even begin to fathom, it’s not enough…

I want a lover, or two. Not much to ask is it? It would appear so. Society isn’t very happy about it and to be honest neither is my partner.  Why do I feel like this? who knows. Fucked if I do… Except, I don’t really need more love… Respect, yes – I want a kind of erotic escapism, new hands touching my body, finding my weeknesses, pushing my buttons, exploring my psyche, pushing my boundaries.

During an open and frank discussion with my partner I confessed my growing interest in having a MMF experience, so we chatted around this and also what a MFF experience would mean for him and ended up ruling the whole thing out, because although he can appreciate the interest and draw of the situation and got rather horny talking about it, he was unable to come to terms with the thought of another man touching me, this rules out an open marriage too. The begining of the end, something he feels he can’t handle, so I have to respect that don’t I.

And I do respect that, whilst feeling locked up in my little world of respectability… The begining of the end indeed.

Here ends my first and I’m sure but no means last random musing (not so heavily disguised scream for help) on the subject of sex….

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