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Intelligence is sexy

Intelligence. Or the ability to express ones self is very attractive….

I spend far too long on the internet, mostly social network sites, reading blogs, interacting with people because my movements are restricted and it’s the only social life I get. I must confess to have become a bit of a snob.  I can’t deal with text speak, it’s lazy, I can’t deal with people who type all their words all spelt wrong because it’s trendy… Please don’t think I’m intolerant, spelling errors or typos are always overlooked I’m not brilliant in that department myself, I must admit to cringe at grammatical errors, especially on Tumblr posts.

And swearing, you will have gathered from yesterdays post if you read it (nobody is currently reading really, which offers a kind of licentious freedom) that I’m not adverse to the use of swear words if they can be justifiably used; that’s not every other word just where no other word is quite as expressive.

But if someone is trying to write erotically, to express themselves, to turn me on with their words; then intelligence is sexy…

“Words are very dangerous, get in my head and my body will follow” somebody told me a few weeks ago and she is right, I don’t tend to ‘indulge’ in sex chat for exactly that reason but with the right friends who know it’s just for fun, a little teasing word play can lead to great hilarity and entertainment for all.

I was having just such a laugh on twitter a week or so ago when someone popped up in my DM box with “I want to put my hand on your clit” well, spit my coffee all over my laptop! Libido hits the floor with a crashing boom. Not sexy Mr. Ihardlyknowyou. Not sexy because it was basic, crass even and totally uninvited… (Yes, for me, totally uninvited is not sexy either no matter how articulately you write) so I excused myself, tactfully this time, last time it happened I just said “sorry mate, I don’t play”. I guess it’s a pitfall you should expect if you have a NSFW account on twitter…

It’s fabulous to come across a new vein of beautifully constructed, intelligently created eroticism, there are so many great writers out there and stumbling upon someone who can uses the right words, scenarios and construction to appeal to me as an individual is always a delight, that alone can make me excited. Any other genre and the use words can be less important but the wrong word in erotic writing can ruin the whole piece, how hard is that! Because the wrong word for me might be the right word for the author and everyone else that reads their work. It’s something I’m very aware of whilst writing, from seeing the images in my head to constructing the story on the page, rewriting, checking the flow of the words, smoothing out the rough spots, writing is almost like making love in itself.

Which is why intelligence is sexy.