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Shooting Stars on EroticMoonbeam

I was completely unprepared for the response I received from last weeks post Vajazzle Me! If I’d have had a clue I would have upped the anti somewhat, perhaps run a competition, donations to charity – anything to be honest! Who would have thought that a little design of crystals would have caused such a fuss! Personally I laughed for hours! If you missed it (hrumph!) I chose three Vajazzle designs, a shooting star, a fish and a dragonfly and asked my readers to choose which one I should wear for my holiday which starts tomorrow (SQUEEEEEE!!)

I must admit to probably having had too much wine last Saturday as the idea of posting pictures of myself here kind of turns my stomach, self love or just not giving a damn are issues I have yet to work through, I loath pictures of me!

The thing that really amazed me was the generosity of Vajazzled UK who promised to supply me the other two designs free when I purchased the winning one! I’d plucked them off the internet after seeing they were actually the best value for money in the Vajazzle world and dropped them a link to my little blog purely out of cheekiness!

The ten votes I asked for came in thick and fast with the shooting star being the most popular, I duly placed my order on the 18th and they were here by the 20th! Flaming great service!!

So many huge thanks to Susan at Vajazzled UK, I may be back for one of those lovely Gem Too tattoos at some point.

So here it is, the shooting star on the newly waxed me ….

Vajazzle Shooting Star on Eroticmoonbeam

Vajazzle Shooting Star on Eroticmoonbeam

And what have I learnt from this? Think carefully before you offer to post pictures of yourself *cringe* One is no supermodel 😉

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Vajazzle me! Update

The dawn chorus woke me at 4.10am and for once my first though was “I wonder what happened about the Vajazzling!” So I got up to see.

10 votes exactly have been cast. 1 Fish, 3 Dragonfly and 7 Stars

This means the other half is going to have to get handy with his camera next week (surprisingly he was giggling like an idiot at my antics last night! The idea of me being sprawled in front of him naked with his camera appealed, naughty man!)

But Look!

I said I’d give this until Wednesday, so keep voting for your favourite design and the one with the most votes wins, and if you visit Vajazzled UK have a look at the GemToo’s the lovely lady there thinks I might like them as well! (She’s right I do!)

Vajazzle Me!

The Holiday is booked, the passports are up to date, my bikini wax is Monday week… So I was wondering if I should get a Vajazzle?

Vajazzle is the most often used keyword for someone finding my blog 😀 No seriously it is!!!!  Perhaps I should be an ambassador for the vajazzle? Presenting myself as a *sex goddess instead of the horny, exotic, slightly bohemian, mischievious minx I **might actually be…

It seems like a good idea!

I’ve been surfing the internet ( all discounts welcome guys 😉 ) and I’m considering the following designs. Please tell me what you think – honestly – If this is a bad idea it might be wise to let me know too because I do have a tendency to go a bit daft when I get an idea in my head…




or C.

I’m asking YOU to choose! and if at least 10 people do post a comment with their choice I will post a picture of the winning vajazzle in place 😉 (That’s 10 unique commentors not the same person 10 times)

I’ve got to order this and get it here so you have until Wednesday… Go! 

* This might be an exaggeration

** This is not 😉

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