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*Tap Tap* Erm… Hello?

Anyone still out there?


I think I might come back…

What do you think?


Guest Post: Office Rules by Mick Collins

Office Rules
by Mick Collins

She walked into the office, her heels clicking as she walked. As she reached me we kissed.

“God it’s good to see you.”

“Shhh” and she put her finger over my lips. She turned around and closed the office door. As she walked back she took off her jacket
and tossed it on couch. She pulled out the chair in front of my desk and sat down in front of me. She had a tan skirt that crept up past
her knees as she crossed her legs. My eyes trailed up her legs to her white blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to see a little. A
little higher up I notice she was smiling at me. “Like what you see?”

“Of course I do.”

“Show me.”

“Show you what?”

She leaned forward and said deliberately. “Show. me. that. you. like. this.” Her manicured hand traced a line down her shirt and popped
open another button.

“Uhh… um, how do you, I mean, what can I do to show you?”

“Drop your pants.” I glanced at the door. It was shut, but not locked. “Go on…”

I slipped my shoes off and undid my belt. I unbuttoned my pants and they fell to the floor. Standing there in front of her in only my
boxer-briefs she could clearly see my erection.

“NOW I know you like it. The cock doesn’t lie.” She stood up and walked around me. Standing behind me she whispered in my ear. “take
them off.” I swallowed hard, closed my eyes and slid my underwear down my legs. She reached around and slid her fingers down my
erection. “Mmmm… I like that.”

She walked around back in front of me and turned around. Looking over her shoulder she said “Unzip me.” I quickly reached out to unzip her and she quickly slapped my hand. “What did I teach you last time? What’s the proper way to undo my zippers?” I blushed furiously and knelt down so that her ass was right in my face. I reached out with my teeth and grabbed hold of her zipper and pulled down. Her skirt fell around her feel revealing her red panties.

She kicked the skirt away and while turning around slide her blouse off. I was now kneeling in front of her while she stood there in only
her red lace bra, matching panties and red heels. I could feel my heart pounding. I kept staring at her panties, knowing what was
underneath that thin layer of lace. She reached down and lifted my chin so I was looking at her face. “Go ahead… I know you want to.”
I reached up and slid her panties down.

She sat down in the chair and spread her legs wide. “C’mon, I don’t have all day.” I crept forward and starting gently eating her pussy.
She pushed her hips into my face and I started eating her out more enthusiastically. God I loved the way she tasted. “Mmmm… well I’ll
say one things for sure… I’m damn glad I kept you if for no other reason than this…” I was proud of how well I could please her.

I continued to lick her pussy for a few minutes. Her breath started getting ragged and she wrapped her legs around my head keeping it in place. She didn’t need to. I loved it, I wasn’t going anywhere. I slipped two fingers inside her and that drove her over the edge and I
could feel her pussy clamp down on my fingers as her legs squeezed my head. Finally she let go and fell back on my heels.

She put her foot right in my chest and with a quick push with her red stiletto I was flat on my back. She stood up and stood over me.
“Let’s see if that cock is as good as your tongue.” She lowered herself onto my hard cock. My cock was enveloped in her hot wet
pussy. She rode my cock for just a minute or two. Between seeing her this way and then eating her out I couldn’t wait much longer.
Suddenly she stopped. Breathlessly she said “Nononono… not yet…  that’s not your cock, that’s MY cock… and I’ll decide when it cums.”
She dragged her nails across my chest as she clenched onto my cock with her pussy. I couldn’t believe how much control she had over it.
I could feel my cock throbbing inside of her.

Finally after a minute or so she started her fucking again. Riding my cock like it was a sex toy. I lost count of how many times she pushed
me right to the edge of cumming before denying me. Might have been 3… might have been 4. Each time she’d stop and snicker at me. The
desperation on my face was plain to see. “What’s the matter, baby… something you want?” I nodded vigorously. “C’mon… tell me… tell
me what you want.”

“I wanna cum…” I whispered.

“What? I can’t hear you…”

“Please… please let me cum…” I said a little louder.

“Let you cum? Who’s cock is that?” she dragged her nails across my chest, this time a little harder leaving slight red lines.

“It’s yours. Can you please let your cock cum? please…” I felt her pussy grip my cock… her cock. Squeezing hard she started her
fucking again and I couldn’t last any longer.

“Cum for me baby… cum!” Her cock shot its load inside her and my body went rigid. She layed down on top of me. Kissed me and then
stood up.

While I was recovering I saw her putting her skirt and blouse back on.
I literally couldn’t move. She picked up her jacket and slipped it on. Then she reached down and picked up my underwear… “You won’t be
needing these… Here…” She dropped her panties on my face… “You can wear those over my cock.”

She turned and walked out the door. I finally stood up and looked at her panties. Sighing I slipped them on and got dressed, knowing I’d
never stop thinking about her so long as I had them on. I didn’t really mind.

and it’s bloody raining ;-)

and I don’t mind!

LQTM…  I quite like a bit of the wet stuff.  Coming out of Tesco’s somewhere in darkest Somerset earlier today the heavens opened as I walked across the car park and it felt goooooooodd!  Big splashy thunderous droplets coating my face and shoulders in seconds, cool tantilizing water gushing through my hair and under my shirt; it didn’t come a moment to soon.

For the last 3 days I’ve felt like a boil in the bag babe, there was nowhere to hide from the Mallorcan heat, the sky was sultry, the air was muggy, night time was blissful – thank fuck for aircon!

I know, I’m an ungrateful cow, 7 days in Alcudia has been blissful, the bar in “Reflection” really does exist at the end of the marina and it is a small slice of heaven.  Walking around the bay in the aqua clear water you can’t help but marvel as the fish swim around your feet, taking a french stick snorkling was amazing, fish darting around underneath me snatching the bread from my fingers.  I’ve eaten so much my clothes don’t fit, which is fine because I just shan’t wear them again until they do 😉

Sneaky sex is fun, the quickie really proves it’s worth when you bite the sheets to avoid screaming out while being fucked soundly from behind.

But I REALLY don’t do heat very well…

and I’ve missed being here….

So HEY WORLD! I’m back, rested, happy, (having edited 22 chapters of my book) and with itchy fingers

Did you miss me?

~ * ~

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Ice Ice Baby…

I’m a great fan of cold, love it, one might say I can’t get enough of it.  When I’m all hot and steamed up, cold hands running up my back make me shiver in the good way. Lick me, blow on it lovingly and  buttons get firmly pushed all over my body.  Ice cubes traced delicately around my nipples send me gasping, begging for more and push them inside me and I will probably have your babies…

Don’t worry, I’m well up to speed on how babies are made 😉

Glass dildos have a certain je ne sais quoi, especially when applied straight from the freezer.  My glass waterproof vibe from a certain high street sex toy shop is the Most. Amazing. Vibrator. In. The. World. it’s permanent place of residence when not in use is the ice cube tray in the freezer, Yum.

So when I was in that certain High Street sex toy shop and happened to see a Mint orgasm increasing cooling lube my face broke into a smile which probably made the shop assistant blush. I say probably, I wasn’t looking, I’d just fallen in love… (At this juncture I’d like to point out that this is not a sponsored post but I’m open to bribes suggestions concerning product reviews, especially lingerie  and tickets to theatres, just saying…)

Now, this green goo really does have a pleasant nip to it and it tastes pretty good too, as for orgasm enhancing I may have to do some experimentation to prove it wasn’t a fluke, you know, scientifically speaking.

But maybe it’s me, I’m the sensitive sort. (You can tell can’t you I know I oooze a sort of helpless female, lay back and take it, thinking of England charm…. Not.)  It’s left my lady parts rather swollen.  I’m making assumptions as to why because I don’t think the act itself was any more vigorous than usual although it has to be said I got what I was after Thursday more or less *grins and sniggers*  so I have to believe the gel has caused the swelling of my not so tiny and neat vagina.  It’s almost twice it’s normal size and chaffes as I walk!

This swelling does seem to be restricted to my genitalia, his seems so far unchanged in size typically, I asked him, ‘What do I do? There’s nothing I can put on it is there?’ and he said ‘For swelling anywhere else you put on a cold compress’ I frown until the light dawns ‘like a bag of frozen peas’ Mmmm this is looking interesting ‘Yes, but you will have to throw away the peas afterwards’ He knows I hate waste…

So, I spent several hours yesterday afternoon sitting on a freezer pack, covered in a pillow case, while I worked on my manuscript and it was very pleasant indeed! and yes, the swelling has eased a lot thank you for being concerned, if it happens again you will be the third to know no doubt.

– – ~ * ~ – –

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Writer in Hiding

Yes, I’m hiding.

Waiting for news on a project I want is making me intolerant and bitchy at best, so I have cocooned myself in the bedroom with my laptop and I am forcibly distracting myself with editing my manuscript, I have to say that as I have made sure I’m not horny today it’s coming along very well!

I must admit that all this waiting doesn’t bode well for my new project but as I’m a huge believer in fate I shall have to take that square on the chin as they say…

So onwards, back to aliens fucking….

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….and so my head explodes!

When you take a step out of your life into another world, things happen.  You don’t always know the far-reaching implications of these things but it makes you think. Or rather, it makes me think and my brain explodes.

Today was blissful, fun and endearing. I went on a trip to the city with a friend who I’m extremely fond of and do not see enough of, we had a lovely day and then I had to say goodbye, which honestly hurt like fuck. I don’t know when we will manage to see each other again, if at all.  Once he had gone and I’d finished reliving through our time together I found myself thinking quietly about ‘stuff’ real life stuff, home stuff, internet stuff – namely this blog.

I only started this blog at the end of last week, I needed somewhere to publish my story What She Wanted, that was the motivator, but I also wanted a place to vent the thoughts that puzzle me about life. It’s this aspect of Moonbeam that I was dwelling on today, thinking about what I have blogged so far and the things waiting to be worked out as they whizz and banged in my head today and I realised it’s not fair on the reader to let them assume this is a factual blog.  Moonbeam is me, of course she is but she’s a larger than life me who thinks on a far more unhindered, confident and filthy level that I could carry off…  Me with my many responsibilities and my restricted movement. Moonbeam would take off at the drop of a hat on an adventure, I rarely go anywhere on my own, it’s a fact of life that I’m used to living with and have to for a few more years yet. My choice, I love it but I also need to kick off and live it up sometimes, which I do in my head…

That probably sounds weird…

What it comes down to is Moonbeam is a characterisation and I can’t guarantee anything you read is totally factual, mostly it will be after all, they are the thoughts in my head but I guess I’m using this as a disclaimer, if you can live with that, read on I hope it will be filthy, irreverent and open-minded. If not, well… that is what the x at the top right hand corner is for isn’t it.  The reason I am telling you is I’m essentially an honest person and would hate to mislead anyone.


Intelligence is sexy

Intelligence. Or the ability to express ones self is very attractive….

I spend far too long on the internet, mostly social network sites, reading blogs, interacting with people because my movements are restricted and it’s the only social life I get. I must confess to have become a bit of a snob.  I can’t deal with text speak, it’s lazy, I can’t deal with people who type all their words all spelt wrong because it’s trendy… Please don’t think I’m intolerant, spelling errors or typos are always overlooked I’m not brilliant in that department myself, I must admit to cringe at grammatical errors, especially on Tumblr posts.

And swearing, you will have gathered from yesterdays post if you read it (nobody is currently reading really, which offers a kind of licentious freedom) that I’m not adverse to the use of swear words if they can be justifiably used; that’s not every other word just where no other word is quite as expressive.

But if someone is trying to write erotically, to express themselves, to turn me on with their words; then intelligence is sexy…

“Words are very dangerous, get in my head and my body will follow” somebody told me a few weeks ago and she is right, I don’t tend to ‘indulge’ in sex chat for exactly that reason but with the right friends who know it’s just for fun, a little teasing word play can lead to great hilarity and entertainment for all.

I was having just such a laugh on twitter a week or so ago when someone popped up in my DM box with “I want to put my hand on your clit” well, spit my coffee all over my laptop! Libido hits the floor with a crashing boom. Not sexy Mr. Ihardlyknowyou. Not sexy because it was basic, crass even and totally uninvited… (Yes, for me, totally uninvited is not sexy either no matter how articulately you write) so I excused myself, tactfully this time, last time it happened I just said “sorry mate, I don’t play”. I guess it’s a pitfall you should expect if you have a NSFW account on twitter…

It’s fabulous to come across a new vein of beautifully constructed, intelligently created eroticism, there are so many great writers out there and stumbling upon someone who can uses the right words, scenarios and construction to appeal to me as an individual is always a delight, that alone can make me excited. Any other genre and the use words can be less important but the wrong word in erotic writing can ruin the whole piece, how hard is that! Because the wrong word for me might be the right word for the author and everyone else that reads their work. It’s something I’m very aware of whilst writing, from seeing the images in my head to constructing the story on the page, rewriting, checking the flow of the words, smoothing out the rough spots, writing is almost like making love in itself.

Which is why intelligence is sexy.

Bouncing off Moonbeams

And so the story begins…

I’ve thought for a while I’ve needed somewhere extra ‘incognito’ to say what I need to say without fear of reprisals or someone I know waving a finger, not that what I have to say is out there or particularly weird or kinky, it’s just I don’t want anyone to know it’s me saying them, is that too much to ask?

Well, we shall see….

But what is the point in randomly ruminating about stuff when no one hears you? We all like to be heard in one way or another, so I’ve decided, for better or worse to set up a twitter a/c just so my thoughts might get heard, by someone, who may or may not read them.

That’s enough for me for now….