You know when you have thoughts in your head and they whizz and crash into everyday things until they drive you mad? No? Lucky you then, because that happens to me all the time, it has all my life, which is not in the first flush of youth.  Sometimes I need to get the thoughts out of my head and I need somewhere to do this….

This is now here….

These are my thoughts but not always my view, she’s me but it’s a characterization… Fiction and fact intertwine each other like feral lovers. I’m not going to tell you which is which, that would spoil the imagery!!  I like to play devil’s advocate on occasion and will argue black is white should it suit me. So what can you believe is true? It doesn’t really matter does it 😉

I think I should add I’m a slut to sarcasm and a whore to humour but I’m really quite a pleasant individual 😉

My motto for life is “An it harm none, do as you will” yes, I pinched than from wicca but it’s true. I believe in respect for others and their outlook and belifes and I expect that respect in return in regards to my mind and my body. Not hard is it?

Constructive comments are most welcome on the relevant posts here on the blog.

Please don’t pinch content it’s not polite, otherwise I hope you are entertained mildly enough to crack a smile.

NB: I love black and white erotic pictures, I find most of the ones I use on Tumblr where no source is listed. If these are your images and you would prefer credit, please say so, if you would like them removed I would be more than happy to do so, I hate my work being taken I completely understand you do too…

  1. I promise not to pinch content, but may I please probe your work for warm bits of inspiration? I love your outlook


  2. My dear, I have tagged you and presented you with an award for your magnificence. Feel free to come visit it at your leisure.



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