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To Thong or not to Thong this is the question..

I have a question for you, as I’m away for the weekend I expect some well thought out long answers – In my dreams!

If you found yourself running your hands up your ladies thighs under her skirt, or delving below the waist band of your fellas trousers, what do you like to find?

Are sexy undies always the answer of the day or is it good to find nothing at all?

I spend a lot of time commando, not true sorry.. I spend a lot of time naked, in fact I’m naked as I write this (it’s 5.43am, I’m in bed, go figure.) and when I do put clothes on I often just throw something loose over my head and don’t worry about the netherware, I know, I’m so rock and roll!  Actually it’s mainly due to laziness and a desire not to feel all bound up, clothes make me feel restricted.

Sometimes I put on sexy knickers to please, I appreciate they have their place in the scheme of things but wonder what is best? And if you think finding underwear is best, what do you like to find? Is skimpy the order of the day? A thong always or something with more fabric?

Do Tell!

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He said Kilt …and I went unf!

What is it about a man in a kilt? I mean honestly? I was reading this blog I follow this morning (I shan’t tag it unless he tells me it’s okay) the author was travelling down to a wedding and he happened to mention he was going to be wearing a kilt and my mind, which is uncontrollable at best went into spirals of hot desire and that word escaped my lips followed by a rather hard lip bite – “unf” lip bite – double whammy *melts*. Once I pulled myself together enough to focus my errant brain I sniggered rather a lot because firstly, I have no idea what this guy looks like so it is just the kilt that causes the reaction and secondly this always happens!  Which is fine if I’m sitting at home with the laptop but not so good when I’m out somewhere and some poor innocent chap is in his smart kilt and I start drooling.

I have to ask myself why? What is it about the kilt?

It’s the promise isn’t it…

The promise of a pair of muscular meaty thighs. I’m so true to type with my attraction to men, I like them tall with long strong legs and a good arse to hang onto. The current Mr. EM is 6ft 4″ with thighs to die for. I must admit I’m not so keen on the fancy dress-shoes that go with a formal kilt preferring the infinitely more masculine working boots but that’s just me…

The promise of an accent. I bloody love a man with an accent, not any old tosh though, amongst my favourites are Scottish and Southern Irish, if a chaps wearing a kilt and doesn’t sound right I’m always really put out!

The promise of a strong personality. I’m English, I live in England and although I have spent a fair amount of time in Scotland in the past it’s been a while. So seeing a man in a kilt down here (I’m fairly far south) is rare, usually it’s at a function.  How easy would it be to wear trousers just to fit in? Any man who is patriotic enough to stand up for his country and his national dress in that situation already has my attention before I even get a glimpse of what he might have underneath…

…because, lets face it the biggest promise is that chances are he’s not wearing anything under that kilt. *swoon*



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