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Chilling the Moonbeam Way

It’s too hot for me.

I love snow.

I like to be able to cool down and I’d rather throw on a jumper in winter then not be able to shed the heat of the summer. Winter does not stop me preferring to be naked, I’d be better off living in the Alps to be honest.

So when it’s hot and sticky my family has alternative methods of chilling.

Lovely deep water at the bottom of the garden, cool!

and it’s bloody raining ;-)

and I don’t mind!

LQTM…  I quite like a bit of the wet stuff.  Coming out of Tesco’s somewhere in darkest Somerset earlier today the heavens opened as I walked across the car park and it felt goooooooodd!  Big splashy thunderous droplets coating my face and shoulders in seconds, cool tantilizing water gushing through my hair and under my shirt; it didn’t come a moment to soon.

For the last 3 days I’ve felt like a boil in the bag babe, there was nowhere to hide from the Mallorcan heat, the sky was sultry, the air was muggy, night time was blissful – thank fuck for aircon!

I know, I’m an ungrateful cow, 7 days in Alcudia has been blissful, the bar in “Reflection” really does exist at the end of the marina and it is a small slice of heaven.  Walking around the bay in the aqua clear water you can’t help but marvel as the fish swim around your feet, taking a french stick snorkling was amazing, fish darting around underneath me snatching the bread from my fingers.  I’ve eaten so much my clothes don’t fit, which is fine because I just shan’t wear them again until they do 😉

Sneaky sex is fun, the quickie really proves it’s worth when you bite the sheets to avoid screaming out while being fucked soundly from behind.

But I REALLY don’t do heat very well…

and I’ve missed being here….

So HEY WORLD! I’m back, rested, happy, (having edited 22 chapters of my book) and with itchy fingers

Did you miss me?

~ * ~

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