Erotic Photography and I

I have a love for black and white erotic photo’s, sometimes just suggestive ones but on occasion, mood depending, nothing hits the spot like a graphic image.  As a tumblr addict I enjoy hours of surfing through blogs finding the images that appeal to me and as the months go on I am getting fussier and fussier about what I choose to reblog; I appreciate that my taste is my own and I’m no expert, just sometimes the smallest detail can put me off a picture even if it appeals to me generally.

I do love a picture to tell a story so my mind can reel a little fleshing out the details, I started a tumblr to reblog pictures which explicitly suggested further storytelling merits to me, it’s like a place to file images for future reference.

But it isn’t where it started. A lovely friend of mine introduced me to Tumblr earlier this year and I have never looked back. I created my own personal smut fest now called The Darker Side of a Lady.

I’d always been very disappointed in porn previously, with a very few exceptions it really isn’t produced for women, or at least not for me. I find most of it trashy, the storylines are terrible and the Stupid Noises some of those people make EEeeewwwww!!

Since I discovered tumblr though, I know I can watch porn and get ‘off” on it. “How?” you ask – easy, I turn the contrast to black and white and the sound down…  this works for me 😉

I love mixing black and white photos in with beautiful vivid colour shots, often tumblr is best viewed in archive mode, it gives me a sense of balance to trace colours across a mostly black and white screen.

and then sometime in my quieter moments certain pictures really hit the spot.

Or make me laugh…

or just take my breath away!

Everyone should have a Tumblr or 5!

Tell me, Where is yours?


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  1. I have never set up a Tumblr, I figured it would only give me something else to obsess over.

    I like the woman icing herself a wedding dress!

  2. I’m in love with Tumblr too. Here’s mine, which is also mostly erotic photography. Off to follow yours. 🙂

  3. I love black and white images too and often change many of the pictures I take into b/w. I have debated having a Tumblr but I know I just don’t have time for it right now… it is just me, my camera and my blog.


  4. Lovely work! I love it

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