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EM’s Exploration of Kink :- A is for…

… Ambiguous… 

As in, its bloody impossible to tell exactly what is a fantasy, a fetish, a kink or  just a turn on. Different sources list different activities in different ways, some web sites are telling me that anything involving pain and bondage is ‘Kinky’ yet the dictionary definition is

Kinky – Showing or appealing to bizarre or deviant tastes, especially of a sexual or erotic nature.

I did read (somewhere) that if you enjoy being tied up with scarves and ticked with feathers it’s a turn on, if you get bolted onto a specially made table with chains and ropes and get hit with a chicken, that’s Kinky.

Unperturbed I am going to carry on regardless, kinky is as kinky does and as I don’t really consider myself to be kinky almost anything goes. I’m not exactly vanilla, more raspberry ripple. If it doesn’t involve humping military style and rolling off and having a cigarette I’m going to consider it, anything illegal, undead or involving animals is out at the startline and yes dear reader, I’m going to remind you again that I’m not keen on pain… but perhaps we will define my interpretation of pain as we continue. Feel free to add your two’penarth worth if you feel you have something viable to add, open discussion is not kinky but the lack of it in the world suggests to me it should be 😉

Welcome to my personal search, lets get going.


Consensual fantasy play acting out the mock capture, bondage, struggle, and intimidation of one or more sexual partners. The fantasy may be reinforced by the use of costumes, especially police or military uniforms, and the use of bondage paraphernalia such as handcuffs, rope, tape, and blindfolds. 

My oh my, this little gem really seems to get people’s juices flowing, it seems to be an extension of Autassassinophilia, sexual arousal gained by placing yourself in life threatening situations.

Reports of this fantasy roleplay range from partners acting out in the comfort of their own home to businesses promising to make abduction come true for you, snatching you off the street and performing your desire in minute detail.  There is so much scope for tailoring to your own need, the thrill is in the detail, leather gloves, chemical laden cloth over the mouth, pillow cases over the head, blindfold, bondage, rough treatment… Making it believable.

I personally can see the attraction of certain elements of this, but I don’t get off on being scared shitless which is the main benefit as far as I can see. For my own personal sanity I’d need to know and trust my abductor which probably defeats the object…

… and rape play leaves me not just cold but recoiling in horror. So what does that leave? A bit of bondage and some rough sex :-s


Now, I already have a bit of a thing for accents. I’m a woman who relishes her silence as there is never enough of it in my world. (I don’t listen to music, tolerate radio 4 when I’m bored and have a Auralism for natural sounds, sitting in the woods listening the wind moving through the trees is quite a turn on – yay for outdoor sex!) I’ve even refined my desire of accents down to well spoken Scottish and Geordie accents.

I’ve never actually been excited to orgasm by talking on the phone or in person to someone with the right accent, so if you call me for a conversation there is no need to be concerned about my self-possession crumbling at your dulcet tones, I’m not about to wank down the phone at you… Unless you start talking dirty to me. I did spend a little time a few months ago trying to find an erotic voice recording of a Scot or Geordie, alas my search was in vain…

This is an area I’d like to spend a little more time investigating, I can’t be the only woman who enjoys listening to a man detailing what he intends to do to her! Finding the right voice recording is very important, content is an area full of pitfalls as the wrong tone or situation can be an instant turn off but *sigh* in the name of research I’m willing to give it another go! I shall let you know what I find and any pointers in the sexy auditory department are very welcome!

To be continued….


He said Kilt …and I went unf!

What is it about a man in a kilt? I mean honestly? I was reading this blog I follow this morning (I shan’t tag it unless he tells me it’s okay) the author was travelling down to a wedding and he happened to mention he was going to be wearing a kilt and my mind, which is uncontrollable at best went into spirals of hot desire and that word escaped my lips followed by a rather hard lip bite – “unf” lip bite – double whammy *melts*. Once I pulled myself together enough to focus my errant brain I sniggered rather a lot because firstly, I have no idea what this guy looks like so it is just the kilt that causes the reaction and secondly this always happens!  Which is fine if I’m sitting at home with the laptop but not so good when I’m out somewhere and some poor innocent chap is in his smart kilt and I start drooling.

I have to ask myself why? What is it about the kilt?

It’s the promise isn’t it…

The promise of a pair of muscular meaty thighs. I’m so true to type with my attraction to men, I like them tall with long strong legs and a good arse to hang onto. The current Mr. EM is 6ft 4″ with thighs to die for. I must admit I’m not so keen on the fancy dress-shoes that go with a formal kilt preferring the infinitely more masculine working boots but that’s just me…

The promise of an accent. I bloody love a man with an accent, not any old tosh though, amongst my favourites are Scottish and Southern Irish, if a chaps wearing a kilt and doesn’t sound right I’m always really put out!

The promise of a strong personality. I’m English, I live in England and although I have spent a fair amount of time in Scotland in the past it’s been a while. So seeing a man in a kilt down here (I’m fairly far south) is rare, usually it’s at a function.  How easy would it be to wear trousers just to fit in? Any man who is patriotic enough to stand up for his country and his national dress in that situation already has my attention before I even get a glimpse of what he might have underneath…

…because, lets face it the biggest promise is that chances are he’s not wearing anything under that kilt. *swoon*



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